Last year was when the whole foldable trend kicked in and made things a whole lot exciting because smartphones in general has reached its peak and all we see right now is gimmicky features added like so much of zoom to a point that we are few steps away from seeing gods. Jokes aside, it is getting very exciting for foldables – Last year we saw the Galaxy Fold and Mate X, but we never got to try the Mate X because Huawei. But we did use the Galaxy Fold.

This year, we have two new game changing smartphones – the Moto Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Truth be told, these are not cheap devices and they come at a premium price tag but the back lash is so bad to a point that every single consumer is finding ways to attack both the phones for so many things that all of them fail to see them as a stepping stones to the perfect phones we will see in the future. Let’s address some of the things that has surfaced so far – shall we?

The First Flip: Moto Razr

You can say whatever you want but Motorola bringing back the Moto Razr back from dead is the best thing that happened – bite me. I am going to point out everything Motorola did to make the device as unique as possible. Here’s the kicker – the display is not even the main highlight of the device, it’s the hinge that makes the whole phone completely interesting.

Then comes the display – where it slides in a way so that it does not leave any crease. Truth be told, that’s an engineering marvel right there. Also, looking through basic science, you should know about wear and tear – it’s not going to stay the way it is. Knowing the fact that the Moto Razr display is plastic, you should know that one fine day, you are going to see the crease at some point. It’s inevitable.

Also, people who are criticizing the phone based on JerryRigEverything’s video, do take note – those tests are intense where you push the phones durability to a point you can just call it abuse in its own way. Also, learn to think logically that the moment he puts the sand before he even does the bend test, it is going to affect the test hella lot more. Also, back in the day when we had original feature phones that are flip – it can already snap into two pieces then, where was all of these complains back in the day? I do know some people started having some hinge issues where they hear sounds and what not, since its new – better send it to the service centre while you’re at it.

Another thing was the Specification – everyone, including content creators went like it’s a Snapdragon 710, but why? Here’s my question: Why not? Having a flagship processor isn’t going to help much because brands are finding ways to showcase their new ideas and trying to cut costs as much as possible so that users get to experience the engineering behind it. With the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor is extremely expensive with 5G (Good god, 5G – that’s a whole another story to talk about) – it’s not even helping at all. Truth be told – people who buy the Razr or the Flip for that matter, are people who appreciates the design and love it for what it is.

My question is: Why do you need a Flagship processor?

Second Flip: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung definitely had a upper hand with the Galaxy Z Flip because it’s their second foldable device and they did their best to get thing right from their previous mishap with the Galaxy Fold and took the best idea from it, threw it into the Z Flip and that’s what we get. But again, people were complaining that it’s so fragile and sorts – I mean come on, it’s glass, what do you expect? Yes, the crease is still there, again – one step at a time. But hey, they did upgrade the display to a glass.


Then came the other issue – for those who don’t know, the new Galaxy Z Flip uses an extremely thin glass instead of a glass for its display and to be honest, I was caught off guard. Realistically speaking, glass is impossible to flex and somehow Samsung did it. Again, another fantastic engineering marvel. But once again, JerryRigEverything does a video and suddenly everyone is an expert – and the fact that there’s a plastic layer and they concluded that it’s not glass – the backlash kicked in. Then came the second video that there was glass under it.

I understand, there are brands that has “claimed” they have done something great but turns out it was completely the opposite – we have pinpointed out with few as well. But sometimes, it’s okay to reach out to the respective brands and then conclude if it’s what it is.

Here’s What I Feel

The sad part about these amazing device existing in times like these is that – people are constantly trying to find flaws rather than appreciating what the brand has done so far and truth be told, this only shows that humans in general – take technology for granted. Remember the time when the first gaming phone was released? I am not talking about ROG but the OG Nokia NGage that did something different but got so much backlash instead. Now if you think about it, they pushed the boundary and today we see all these gaming phones with RAM thats more than your laptop. Failure is imminent but that’s the turning point. Fast forward last year, Samsung Galaxy Fold did fail miserably in their first try but they got back in the game by fixing it and making it better. Give the brands a chance.

If you happen to spend more than a grand on the new Moto Razr and Galaxy Z Flip, you just happen to have your hands on one of the few innovative products to exist in the current market. If there’s a flaw, bring it up but be constructive about it. Samsung and Moto, if consumers are bringing up flaws – take it as a pointer and rectify it with the second gen devices and act on it.

I know these devices aren’t perfect in any way, but remember the times where the first few android devices weren’t perfect at all and had so much of issues? Give good input as a user, even as a reviewer (that includes myself). Now we have reached the peak of smartphones. Foldable devices must start somewhere, and we will get there. But for now, be nice, do bring up the flaws but be nice about it and take a step back, enjoy what these brands have to offer.

This is an opinion article on how I feel about the whole incident and it got blown out of proportion for no reason. A little clarity is what I want to put out there and hope we can share the same sentiment. If you have anything you’d love to say, let’s discuss in the comments.