U Mobile is taking an approach to make things affordable by offering more on the platter. Hence the whole existence of Giler Unlimited plans. That said, they have added two new plans to suit the Giler Unlimited – meet the new GX68 Postpaid and GX38 their prepaid plan.

GX68 & GX38 Mobile Plan

The GX68 promises to give high speed unlimited data and voice. On top of that, users would get extra 5 GB data allocation, just for hotspot. On the other hand, the GX38 s a plan that offers Unlimited data capped at 6Mbps. If users want more speed out of their GX38 plan, they can top up extra 5 ringgit, giving users 10GB of High-speed data over 14 days. The plan also offers 3GB Hotspot as well. You can check their comparison table below.


The GX68 is priced at RM 68 monthly for 30 days. If users were to sign up for the GX68 during the promo period, they will be entitled for RM58 for life. As for those who subscribe to the GX38 will get to pay RM 35 during the promo period. The plans are now available on U Mobile.