• Well Deserved Improvement from the Previous Gen
  • Modern Design
  • Extremely Thin and Light
  • Low Power Specification
  • Great Trackpad


  • Niche Product
  • $$$ Costs a Pretty Penny
  • Keyboard needs a little improvement

Personally, I have been a huge fan of thin and light laptops because of how ultra-portable it is, and you could just take it our anywhere and get your work done. Generally, these laptops come with a catch and makes a lot of sacrifices to be portable. The Acer Swift 7 which we reviewed last round was that and it was a disappointing one – you can read that before you proceed. That said, they unveiled their new Swift 7 and after using it for a fair amount of time – here’s my verdict. Honestly, its so much better.

Look and Feel


Everything about the Swift 7 has changed and its now better than ever. The whole design has been revamped from the ground up, its very sleek and slender with a much more modern look to it. We received the White with Gold accent color and it’s the most beautiful laptop I’ve ever set my eyes on. That said, one very noticeable design change is how the Acer logo, the bottom thick bezel and the obvious hinge from the previous generation is gone for a much subtle hinge, a bezel-less display and an off-centered pop up camera which sits flush above the keyboard. There’s a fingerprint sensor which is hidden under the power button on the left side of the keyboard.

Other than that, the new Swift 7 Is constructed in magnesium alloy and it weighs in at 890 grams, making it one of the, if not, the lightest laptop and the thinnest too, measuring in at 9.95 mm. Truth be told, hearing that or looking on a paper makes it sound unbelievable and I was a little scared that the laptop might be too fragile. Despite being thin, it’s well constructed. Also, it’s nice that they have included a leather sleeve.

Thing about this new Swift 7 is that – it makes a lot of heads turn – be it at a coffee shop, at work or even at home when you hook up to a bigger screen. Speaking of that, the I/O on the Swift 7 is very limited – two USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports (USB-C) that supports 10 Gbps, DisplayPort over USB-C, Thunderbolt 3 and doubles as a charging port as well.



The Acer Swift 7 has a 14” Full HD Display with an IPS Panel. Best part is – its covered in Corning Gorilla Glass 6. It’s also touch enabled. With all the other brands jumping into this whole near bezel-less design – the Swift 7 jumps on to the same bandwagon and I have to say it looks good. It has a 92% screen-to-body ratio, which is the reason why it looks small for a 14” laptop. The display doesn’t have a matte finish and for a touch-based laptop, its normal. Using this display for productivity centric task is very pleasant and it gets plenty bright. Therefore, working under bright light is okay. As for the colors, it’s vibrant and very pleasing to the eye because we did watch a show or two on Netflix.

The touch response on the Acer Swift 7 display is responsive and trust me, you will definitely rely on it a lot more than you think.

Specification and Performance

Since its an Ultrabook, the specification can only go as far as it can. That said, the Swift 7 has the following specification:

  • Intel Core i7-8500Y Dual Core Processor at 1.50 Ghz
  • Intel UHD Graphics 615
  • 8GB LPDDR3 RAM | 512GB SSD

We ran the following benchmark for the device: CrystalDiskMark for the SSD, CPU-Z for verifying the specification and PCMark 10 Professional Edition for a much better in-depth benchmark, courtesy to UL Benchmark for the software.

PC Mark 10 Professional Edition
PC Mark 10 Professional Edition

For an Ultrabook, the specification is as expected and that said, don’t expect to game on a machine like this because there’s barely any headspace to do so. This laptop can handle tasks that’s a lot more on the productivity side. Say if you are someone who spends a lot of time on the internet, productivity suites and a little bit of entertainment like Netflix and that’s all you are planning to do, this definitely fits in the needs.

But, you can do that on any other laptop. The thing about the Swift 7 is that – it’s a very niche laptop, it’s for those who wants the perfect portable solution. More of a cutting edge thin laptop that they can just carry anywhere without thinking twice and just get work done without worrying about the battery life and for those who actually want a laptop to do complete work rather buying a tablet to get half baked work and hit a snag because of unsupported format or due to the lack of a proper keyboard and trackpad. Trust me, I’ve been there, and I know how it feels.

As someone who spends more time writing articles, reading my notes, preparing presentation on the move – the Swift 7 was a no brainer option like to a point that I just put that in my tote bag, went to my gym and worked at a Starbucks later.

Battery Life

The Acer Swift 7 uses a 3-cell Lithium Ion battery with a capacity of 2770mAh respectively. It’s definitely a small capacity, in fact smaller than the smartphone in your pocket, but there’s good reason why the outcome is good – it’s all due to the Low Power internals like the Y Series Intel Processor which was meant to give good performance while maintaining a good battery life. That applies to the RAM as well, which is a LPDDR3. Once again, this year’s Swift 7 takes the cake with battery life hitting the 9 hours mark under productive use – like here’s the thing, I charge my Swift 7 once every two days and I can still publish that content or even send that emails I want. They did advertise that the battery life the laptop can offer is as close to 11.5 hours, but we couldn’t get that. I don’t blame on Acer; this is mostly because of how Windows optimization is still terrible. But Microsoft is working on a major revamp on Windows, so I hope that fixes the whole issue.

I can’t stress any more like how much I love USB-C based charging and the Swift 7 is one of those. It comes with a 45W adapter in the box. But the laptop can support 3rd party adapters, so in our case – we even used a 65W UGREEN Type C Adapter (Review coming real soon), to charge this laptop when we were out and about.

Keyboard, Trackpad and Speakers

We know that it’s a thin and light laptop and it’s a little hard to put in a keyboard with decent amount of key travel on such a device, but that said the keyboard on the Swift 7 has very short travel and typing on it really fast feels like hitting the keys real hard. But none the less, it is what it is. One thing which I wasn’t a fan of with the previous Swift 7 is here, the combo Function row combined with the number and the small Caps Lock button which takes quite the time to get used to. But when you get around these, it offers enough to get you through everything.

The trackpad on the previous Swift 7 was just disappointing because there was no dedicated left or right click. Instead, used a double tap gesture of sorts that was a complete hit-and-miss and took a while to learn. But thank goodness, Acer decided to bring back the left and right button to the trackpad which is a lot better. It’s a lot wider and the palm rejection while typing is a little off, but it can be fixed with an update.

The laptop has two speakers positioned at the bottom but let’s face it – you are not getting this laptop for the best multimedia experience and the speaker sounds – average at best.


I don’t expect a lot of people to buy the Acer Swift 7 because the variant we reviewed is priced at a whopping RM 7599. They do have an i5 variant that comes in at RM 5999 but it’s still a pretty penny to pay. But the Acer Swift 7 is a laptop for those who do, for those who really wants that ultraportable laptop which they don’t have to think twice to bring around and get things done. What make this better is that it makes up for the old Swift 7 in so many ways – everything about it is really good now. That said, there are minor tweak I’d love to see Acer do in the next generation – include a dedicated Function row and a proper Caps Lock.  When that happens, we have a winner for the best Ultrabook already.

Acer, if you’re reading this – you made me fall for the new Acer Swift 7. Really hard. It deserves an award from us, and here it is – the Gold for the best Ultrabook we have seen this year.

P.S. Our cover shot wasn’t Photoshopped. 😉