We personally have been using ASUS products for the longest and one thing about their product is the fact that customers are entitled for a 2-years Global Warranty, but this particular warranty only covers damages that was not caused by us customers. ASUS has introduced a new plan, an accidental Damage Protection called ASUS Perfect Warranty where ASUS covers 80% damage and customer bear the remaining 20% of the total cost and full labor fee. That’s a pretty great deal.

ASUS Perfect Warranty

ASUS Perfect Warranty is a one-time exclusive warranty service from ASUS for the first year of the warranty. This is a premium service where ASUS will bear 80% of the total repair for damages such as follows: Spill Damage, Electrical Surge Damage and Accidental Damage. Customers will have to bear the remaining 20% of the total cost and full labor fee. Customers who bought their ASUS Laptops which was launched in 2019 and 2020 and eligible for the program will be automatically eligible for the ASUS Perfect Warranty with no additional charges. Take note that this is only available for Consumer and Gaming Laptops and for products purchased in Malaysia and Brunei.

Claiming the ASUS Perfect Warranty is easy. Customers can visit any of the authorized ASUS Service Centers in Malaysia and Brunei along with your damaged device and the receipt from the retail store where it was purchased from. ASUS then will perform the validation for the ASUS Perfect Warranty. Say if the validation fails, then customers will have to provide the official copy of the Invoice as a proof to the center. Once that’s done, voila – you are good to go.

Eligible Models

Here are the list of ASUS Laptop Models which was launched from 2019 onward:

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