• Good Rugged Build
  • IPX7 Certification
  • Loud Speakers
  • A Very affordable Price Tag


Its no surprise that we are fond of our audio products. That said, we don’t get to look at a lot of new speakers. It’s tough come across a good portable speaker that’s waterproof and has some good sounding drivers. Coming from a brand that has the experience in audio product, Creative sent us their portable speaker – MUVO Play which happens to be a waterproof speaker that sounds good. But does it? Here’s our final verdict on the MUVO Play.

Look and Feel


The Creative MUVO Play is quite the rugged looking and feels like a tank. With the whole rubberized top and bottom and has these pointy structures – it elevates it from the surface to make sure that the dome on the other end of the speaker isn’t closed off completely. We got the black finish – which has a very subtle look it. The woven structure around the speaker is quite the nice touch and is one of the structures that makes the speaker waterproof as well. As for the interface, it has 4 buttons and two ports hidden under a well-sealed port cover which gives access to a USB-C and a 3.5mm jack for Auxiliary purposes. There is a little hole for you to tie a cord which comes included in the box, so that you could hang it wherever you’d like. Pretty cool.

I’d say it’s a size of a Kombucha bottle and that said, it does have a little bit of resemblance to one of their contenders who happens to have a similarly designed speaker which is covered in this similar kind of material all around.

Inside the Box and Specification

Inside the box, it comes with the speaker, a USB-C Cable, a cord to tie to the speaker and the usual paperwork. The MUVO Play is quite decked out for its size. It comes with the following key highlights and specification:

  • IPX7 Waterproof Certification which can take dunks in the pool, rain, spills as well.
  • Offers up to 10 Hours of Battery Life
  • Full Range Dual Micro Drivers with Dual Bass Radiators, 2 X 5W
  • Bluetooth v5.0 Connectivity
  • Support for A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and SBC

Sound Quality and Experience

The whole experience with the MUVO Play is very straightforward and its kept as simple as possible. That said, the buttons are rugged and requires a bit more pressure to press. All for a good reason, so that it doesn’t break when you drop it for that matter. The cord is an extra touch as I could just hang it anywhere and even placing it on the table doesn’t take too much space. The USB-C port is an amazing touch and a welcoming change to the speaker which made me happy because as a fellow #allthingsUSBC person, I love the fact that I don’t have to carry an extra cable. One thing is that, in order to use the Aux port, you do need to power up the speakers to make it work. The battery life is as advertised where we were able to get about 9 hours+ with 40% Volume.

Now the sound quality. Generally, any product that undergoes a Waterproofing process, especially an audio product tends to take a huge hit in quality – like look at smartphones speakers that gets terrible over the years. But that’s not the case with the Creative Muvo Play. They have done quite an impressive job in making sure the water doesn’t get in to be able to output good sound quality. We listened to quite the number of songs from Spotify, you can find our playlist on the main page of our site. The sound staging of the speaker feels like a dome-like-setup where you do have a bit of an echo like feel to it. Listening to After Hours by The Weeknd had an amplified effect to the voice giving it a nice staging to his voice. The lows are almost non-existent but the speaker good with the mids and highs. Its good that it doesn’t come of as a screeching high.


To test the bass out, I threw my favorite song Revolution by Diplo, American Girl by Ta-ku X Nille (only on Soundcloud) and Say it (Stwo Remix) by Flume. The speaker does have a very subtle range in bass, but it wasn’t as intense as it would be on a normal portable Bluetooth speaker. But the speaker is a party animal because it can get loud. The overall listening experience is satisfying enough for normal pure entertainment use. In fact, I think bringing a speaker like this comes in quite handy on trips – just to sit by the shore in a campfire with your friends and play a little lo-fi as you look up into the sky.

What makes this speaker exciting is the fact that you can get another one, pair it together to get a stereo effect – all thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0.


The Creative MUVO Play is a speaker for adventurers who wants to bring their music everywhere and anywhere they go. That said, carrying one of these babies and hanging it by the side of your bag or in the shower or putting it near the pool is fine. Coming in at approximately for just RM 169, I’d say just shut up and take my money. If you want to get a speaker that you don’t have to worry about keeping it near water – don’t think twice, just get this.

Get your own Creative MUVO Play by clicking here.

Thanks to Creative for sending us the MUVO Play for us to take a closer look and review it, here at The Adventures of Vesper.