Earlier MyGroser announced that they wont be taking new orders temporarily and that said, they have announced that starting today onwards, they will be taking a limited number of new orders starting 22nd March, at 6:00pm onwards. That said, there will be completely new order slots for deliveries made available starting later on Wednesday, 25th March. But before you face any sort of disappointment, MyGrocer answers important questions as well.

Things to Know about the New Slots for Deliveries

Every order that’s placed online will secure a delivery date and time. Chances are some deliveries might have delays or will be incomplete due to the availability of products and vehicles to move through the Restricted Movement. If there are items that wasn’t delivered will be refunded in 4 to 6 working days as store credit as cash, bank transfers or other means will not be allowed around this time. Finally, they are only making limited selection of products that covers our everyday essentials, therefore giving them the ability to focus on available suppliers, resources and delivery capacity.

Personally, we are glad that they are back to operate and that said, it amazes me how much initiative they are taking to make sure they are able to deliver to their customers. But here’s a note for you guys, remember – everyone needs daily essentials and order for things that you need instead of panic buying as it does not help you, me or MyGroser as well.

Click here to head over to MyGroser to order or head over to your App Store or Play Store to download the app for easy use case. If you are a first timer, click here to signup and get RM5 off from your first order.