I know while most of you may have a great internet coverage at home with Unifi, Time or whichever service there is. There are some of us, like myself who relies heavily on my mobile Hotspot due to the lack of internet at home. I am sure you’d go like “How come you don’t have an internet at home?”. I bet you, surprisingly a lot of people do not have a Fiber based internet or broadband at home. That said, I took the time to scout for plans that isn’t just cheap but somewhat offers good value in times like this.

Option 1: Yoodo (20GB for RM 20)

There’s a good reason why my secondary SIM Card has always been Yoodo. Good thing about them is that they are in the #CelcomTerritory which happens to offer best connectivity to 4G and stable internet connection. That said, Yoodo is more of a pay-for-what-you-need provider. That said, right now they are running a mini campaign which saves you a lot where you can get 20GB Data for just RM20 which is quite the steal and all you have to do is just sign up, register and the SIM will get delivered to your place. This makes it easier to a point that you don’t have to step out to buy a SIM Card. Just hope that you do get the SIM delivered because of the whole thing going on. Great value. They even have a Power Plan add on where you can use 100GB Data for an hour for just RM2.

Click Here to sign up and if you are a first timer, you’ll get free 7GB Data on the house – or use the code “lnpuv7260” to get the free 7GB Data.

Option 2: U Mobile GX38

U Mobile is a no-brainer because its one of the very few telcos that offers plans that’s extremely affordable and also have unlimited data, but with a catch of course. If you don’t want to spare too much money and all you do is just use pretty much everything on your mobile, then this is the plan you should definitely go for. Other than Unlimited data, it comes with 6GB Data for Hotspot, just in case if you happen to need it for some email that you want to send pronto. The speed is capped at 6Mbps, which is decent to get through.

Good thing about this is that, you can get the SIM Pack from the nearest convenient stores, reload while you’re at it and you can use it right away. The coverage can be a hit and miss as U Mobile doesn’t offer 4G at a lot of places but hey, it’s hard to complain when you can get like unlimited internet for just RM38. But if you want a little more, check out their GX 68 but that’s a postpaid plan, which will be a little hard to apply considering the fact that most of the telco stores are closed.

Last Resort: Tunetalk Cun Value (RM 48)

TuneTalk has been around for a while and fun fact about them is that, they rely on Celcom’s Coverage. That means your connection is going to be pretty stable and have good 4G Reception. They have a plan called Cun Value which is about RM48 per month. It comes with 10GB High Speed Data, 60GB Data for video (2GB/day for 30 days), Unlimited calls to all the network, 10GB Basic Internet, Unlimited Chat, Social and Music as well. Quite a steal. If you want extra High-Speed data, you can purchase 10GB Booster for just RM10. You can get the SIM Pack from the nearest convenient stores as well. Honestly, the pricing is a little too high and you might end up spending more but take this more of a last resort option.

These are the three Plans we think its worth picking up, especially if you rely solely on your smartphone’s hotspot and does bring benefit in just a short period of time. Hope this helps! Make sure to be safe and sound. Only go out if there’s any need.