While most of us are at home and following the Restricted Movement Order to flatten the curve, we don’t step out. That said, one thing that will be idle are our cars – and parking your car idle for like 28 days, it’s not great because a lot of issues tend to kick in when your little beasty isn’t slaying the roads. But here are some tips from Proton to keep your vehicle in good condition during the times of MCO without stepping out of your residence.

Clean, Clean, Clean

If there’s one thing this MCO has taught us, it’s hygiene and Sanitizing because that’s the main cause of spread of germs in general. Your car needs a good clean too. That said, if you happen to take it for grocery shopping or to fill you car, once you return, make sure to disinfect the car interior – like the Steering Wheel, door handles, window switches, gear level, the console and so on. If you happen to have an audio system with a touchscreen, wipe it with a soft clothe with some disinfectant because you do not want to damage it with too much moisture.

Charge Up your Cars

When we say charge up, we don’t mean Hybrids or electric vehicles. Any car, even the most advanced car out there requires it to be started periodically to maintain the functionality. Here’s a fun fact, the recommended period is about 7 days). That said, a little 101 here. Your car has a battery and it helps in starting the engine then provides the electrical power to the rest of the vehicle. But say if its not ran frequently, the alternator can’t charge the battery – which is something you don’t want to go through.

Therefore, start your vehicle’s engine and run it for 10 minutes for the alternator to kick things in. When this is happening – don’t listen to music or even turn on the air-conditioning because it will draw current from the battery and the charging process becomes less effective. Once you are done, lock your cars.

Don’t Crack under Pressure

Tyre Pressures must be checked biweekly to make sure they are pumped to a recommended pressure. You can use a Tyre Pressure Gauge to check or if you happen to own a Proton X70, it comes with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System which can be displayed. Now if they are underinflated, go to the nearest fueling station and pump them back up. Remember we spoke about how a vehicle is going to stay at the same spot and affects the battery? Well, it even affects the tyres – making it lose shape, thus giving this vibrating feel while driving, even on smooth roads. You don’t want this – so, move your vehicle forward and backward while it is getting charged.



Yes, Wiper blades. Now for those who happens to leave your vehicle parked under the sun, its good to lift up the windshield wipers. The last thing you want is the blades to harden from the windscreen glasses heat and prolonged exposure to the UV Rays.

Make sure to follow these simple tips to keep your car safe too. So, once the whole MCO gets lifted off, you’ll have a smooth sailing ride with your family, send your kids off, or even go on a ride to Genting and come back to bring some thrill in driving. Stay safe, keep yourself protected all the times.

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