It’s been about 2 years since the Acer Predator X27 made its debut but we loaned it from Acer Malaysia a while back for a content we had to do – which is not out yet (keep your eyes peeled on that) but in the process of reviewing the other stuff, I ended up falling in love with the Predator X27 and I miss that monitor so much during this RMO. Let limpeh tell you a story on that.

Beast Like Specification

I have tried quite the number of monitors in the past and it’s safe to say that I have enjoyed using them. But not as much as I enjoyed using the Acer Predator X27. It’s a 27” inch panel and yes, you might go like – it isn’t big, but it wasn’t the size I fell in love with, it was how mind blowing good it was. The 27” screen is a 4K Panel with Quantum Dot Technology with NVIDIA G-Sync HDR enabled. Its color calibrated with support for Adobe RGB color space. It has 384 Dynamic Backlight Zones for Ultra HDR and say if you’re going to play some games, you get the smooth 144Hz with 4 ms response time. The panel is capable of hitting 1000 nits of brightness.

The stand is huge but gorgeous, with that edgy looking design and has quite the feature like you can move the display’s height and swivel according to your liking. Controlling the display is nice as well – with the joystick like controls on the back and for quick shortcuts, there’s 4 buttons on the back.


I am glad I got the specification out of the way because now I can tell you what I do on a day-to-day basis and how this monitor got me through for about a month. The content that you watch or see in our video and article requires post processing and editing to make sure the colors look good. That said, when a color correction is in progress, its important to have a color calibrated display and having a bigger display helps with having more room for things to work with. The Predator X27 was a pure bliss in this aspect.

Creator Perspective

Using Lightroom on a big screen, not to forget on a color calibrated panel made me realize how much I have missed a good quality/high grade monitor to get my work done. Especially, coming from a 17” screen that I use for almost everything – the 27” was a complete game changer. The monitor sits on the desk few steps away from the window where the sun shines through sometimes – and all I have to do is crank up the brightness and its still visible.

Thanks to the matte coating on the display which helps a lot in anti-glare. Even launching my video editing tool to scrub through a long footage helped a lot with the display being that big. Sometimes, I’d edit standing up and adjusting the display to my height was possible. Another feature that I personally loved was the hood how it helped with editing content.

Gamers Perspective

Now onto the Predator side of things, which is gaming obviously. Now, I am not a heavy gamer, but this monitor made me play some immersive titles: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Wolfenstein, Overwatch, Control. There were games where you could enable HDR Mode and play the game and the difference were quite obvious with much better dynamic range with deeper colors, shadow and a nicer feel overall. Thank goodness, in order to drive all this, we had a RTX2080 Super in our machine. I did try to push the limit of the Monitor with my GTX 1070 based laptop – it did manage to output in 4K but definitely cranked the laptop to the maximum.

Thanks to the dual input behind, I hooked the DisplayPort with the PC and the HDMI to my Laptop. Occasionally, I did remove the HDMI and hook my Nintendo Switch up to play some on the big screen, because why not.

Why I Miss the monitor


I have always been a person who edits on the move and honestly, never thought of needing a monitor at home to edit one. I have always wanted one but not need one because I was constantly worried that it might just sit there and collect dust. But now, I wish I had a monitor and I really wish that monitor was the Predator X27. It’s a year old, sure but it’s still one of the few monitors that I’d consider that you are not getting it to use for the time being but for days to come – the Predator X27 is more of an investment for a better build down the line. That said, not having a proper bigger screen to play immersive games made me realize how much I miss that display – I wish I am playing the new Resident Evil 3 Remake, Doom on that monitor instead.

Final (Quarantine) Thoughts

It’s going to take a while to come across a monitor to hit every box on my checklist but one thing I can tell, the Predator X27 really did set a very high benchmark on what a monitor should be, to my mind, heart and most of all, my eyes. I am really going to miss the Predator X27 so much.

I did this article because I really miss this monitor like a lot. Thanks to Acer Malaysia for loaning the Predator X27 back in January. Love you guys.