Its no surprise that quite a number of brands and manufacturers are putting a halt on their production or delaying it due to the whole pandemic that’s been happening right now. In fact, HARMAN Technologies, the manufacturer of the infamous ILFORD Products like films has seized their production temporarily at their Mobberley site starting today, 1st April until further notice. UK Government did advice that manufacturing businesses can go on but ILFORD did a very nice move to protect their employees from COVID-19 which puts less burden on the NHS.

But can I still buy ILFORD Films?

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Yes, you can still purchase ILFORD Film, Paper and Chemicals even during the time of Lockdown/Self-isolation. Their warehouse is said to be open as long as they can to be able to dispatch the products to their distributors and for online customer via (UK & USA). They have managed to increase the production to make sure that they are well stocked, which is a very smart move. They do recommend customers to purchase soon especially if you happen to run short of products and would like to replenish them.

Honestly, doing this would bring down lots of pressure over ILFORD and HARMAN. Even if they were to go ahead and produce these films during times like these, not only its going to affect the business in the long run but also puts their assets and their employees in jeopardy in the coming times. That said, stock up but use it once this pandemic has settled down.