• The tiniest cutest Looking TWS
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Support is great
  • Qualcomm AptX in this Price Range is amazing
  • Very Affordable to a point that anyone could buy
  • Good Battery Life


  • Limited Sound Staging and it isn't for Bass heavy users

Last time we got to review Edifier’s TWS5 which was an amazing True Wireless Earbuds for the price tag and today Edifier surprised us with another one of their True Wireless – in fact, a sub 100 Ringgit ones that is too hard not to recommend. It’s the Edifier X3.

Look and Feel


The Edifier X3 has a resemblance to the TWS1 the brand announced a long while back ago. We have not reviewed that, but we are looking at the X3 for the first time and mother of god, it is extremely petite. This is the first time we have seen a True Wireless earbud this small and fit into the palm of the hands with so much ease. If you like petite ones and be able to carry it wherever you want without being too bulky, the Edifier X3 does exactly that.

While being compact, the design is very modern yet minimalistic – with a nice matte finish all around in the plastic body that feels alright. The magnetic enclosure to open and use the earbuds is snappy and the magnet that hold the case from accidental opening – it’s quite strong enough. On the inside, the earbuds are held with magnets and the pogo pins which is used for charging holds them in place.

It’s easy to take the earbuds out and use. On the back, it has the charging port for easy access. Despite the nice look and feel I am very sure the small form factor is the one that’s going to get a lot of attention. The case does not have a dedicated indicator to show the remaining battery percentage, but it has a tiny indicator on the earpiece which shows if its charging or turned on.

Specification and Features



For the size, I was expecting a little trade off in the audio department, but Edifier did a great job making this tiny earphones, as powerful as possible. The specification are as follows:

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Support for Qualcomm AptX and SBC
  • 6 Hours + 18 Hours Playback Time (Charging via Micro USB)
  • Touch Based Controls
  • IP54 Certification

Looking at the paper, the X3 might be one of the rarest true wireless earbuds in this price range to have support for Qualcomm AptX as its hard to come by on such affordable TWS or in a headphone in general. The AptX support improves stability with the music listening experience. The battery life lasted just as much as what Edifier claims that it would offer but take note, the mileage does vary depending on which volume you use most of the time and during our time, we used it for 60-70% volume to be able to get the battery life Edifier claims. One downside though, the X3 uses Micro USB which I do wish was a USB-C Port. That could have made the whole one cable for charging everything life a lot easier.

I appreciate the IP Certification for the X3 because its hard to come by a good pair and if you are planning to have a good untethered experience while you go on a run or workout, it can definitely handle the sweat. Make sure to clean it after a good session of workout, of course. 😉

Sound Quality

As usual, we test our earbuds on three different platforms to conclude on how good they sound and what they lack: Spotify Premium, Sound Cloud and Local Files. If you really want the best experience possible, having local files are the way to go, especially experiencing better music quality.

The sound staging and the dynamic range with the audio is a little limited and if I were to compare with the TWS5, those have a better staging, but it does come at a hefty price. That said, the X3 is definitely an improvement over the TWS1 which has a much more limited dynamic range as compared to the X3. When we were listening to Malibu by Miley Cyrus the vocals were quite alright, but the treble is noticeably high when the volume is set at 80% and above. The instrument has a limited range in depth. Next up we tried Are U Gonna Tell Her by Tove Lo and the stereo separation to the electronic music is really good and the bass is on the subtle side. Finally, we threw Mmmm by Troyboi, a Trap song with quite the intense bass response – the X3 bass response was subtle overall and shows that it just isn’t the earbuds for bass heads. I do wish that the trebles weren’t too sharp at maximum volume but you can always fix that with your smartphone’s EQ Settings.

The X3 isn’t entirely flat with the audio but thanks to the presence of a decent staging and subtle bass – the experience was enjoyable. I think what really takes the cake is how the connectivity was impressive when we tested with our Xperia 1 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.


For an asking price of RM129, it is really hard for me to say no to the Edifier X3. Everything about the X3 sound about right – the Bluetooth 5.0, IP Certification which makes the phone a lot durable than any other ones in the market and if you do look way past that little short comings, you are definitely getting yourself a good pair of true Wireless Earbuds for a sub 100 Ringgit with no regrets.

Click here to purchase the Edifier X3 at the Official Store: Shopee Mall

Huge thanks to Edifier Malaysia for sending us the X3 for review and for making content like this happen.

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