It goes without saying that we love sound systems and Devialet is a brand that we cannot get our minds off, if you have tried the Phantom – you know how majestic it is. Its an engineering marvel and the French audio company has collaborated with HUAWEI to make a speaker that has the same Devialet DNA in looks and in sound – meet the Sound X, now available in Malaysia.

Huawei Sound X

The moment you look at it, you’ll realize the Sound X looks like its somewhat the same dimension as the Phantom Reactor, but the design is different with a little Huawei twist but remains to have a very Devialet look going on. Unlike the Devialet speakers, the Sound X is a speaker you can interact with voice and do so much more than listen to some great music. The speaker weighs in at 3.5kg and covers a frequency range of 40hz to 40 Khz. It’s equipped with 2 woofers on top and 6 full range speakers at the bottom to give a 360 degree coverage in sound. It just doesn’t end there. Thanks to Devialet’s engineering, the Sound X also has their Push-Push Acoustic design where each of the subwoofers are placed right opposite to each other to cancel out the vibration of the other to suppress distortion at any volume levels you were to have. On the top the Sound X has touch-sensitive buttons for you to interact and it comes with features like Huawei Share to tap and launch your favourite beats right from your Huawei mobile over to the Sound X.

Pricing and Availability

The Huawei Sound X is going to retail for RM 1,299 and comes in one color – Starry Night. Sadly, the white color variant isn’t available – maybe later down the line. But that out of the way, you can get your hands on one starting this 16th May via their Official Online Store.