Ever since the Restricted Movement Order kicked in, the whole nation has been going a little cray with their shopping sprees. To a point where people were panic buying groceries as if we will never see the light of day. That said, other consumers ended up going online to shop for things that could benefit them in the long run and some even shopped for a long-lasting pleasuring experience. Now that the online shopping experience is on the rise, iPrice Malaysia decided to investigate the current search trends and shared it with us – this is fun.

Things Malaysian Search during MCO

Pleasure is awesome, but Safety is important

It goes without saying that Medical Supply has been on the demand for a while and there has been a 648% increase in search interest for facemask like Surgical Masks and N95 masks. Since Malaysians are stuck at home, there is an interesting spike in products that makes an intimate relationship or self-pleasure, spicier. There’s been an increased interest for sex related products – a whopping 347% increase in searches for sensual toys and Vibrators, a 79% increase in searches for fertility test kits and for those who wants to keep it safe, there’s been a 61% increase in searches for condoms. It is not wrong to make your intimacy with your partner enjoyable, I mean – why not right, as long there’s a responsible family planning in progress.

Trimming those hair Away

This is quite shocking because iPrice reveals that there is a major increase in search for trimming clippers at an average of 17,652% increase. In fact, I am sure by now you should have seen many posts from your friends or family members who attempts to cut their hair right at home. Truth be told, if you were to watch our videos here, you will realize how long my hair is. Mad respect to women who got their hair on fleek, seriously.

Why buy bread when you can make your own Bread?

This should not come off as a surprise because most of us are either learning to cook or learning new dishes to add to the list of things we can cook for a potential date material or me time in the future. Malaysians might be tired of dealing with out of stock bread shelves at convenience store, which brings to us to the point – there’s been a increase in bread maker by 7, 587%, Stand Mixers 3,048%, Ovens by 1058% and air fryers by 2029%.

All things tech

As much as I am a Laptop person, its interesting to see that Malaysians are purchasing more tablets than laptops. Searches for tablets have increased to 1125% whereas laptops are recorded at 299% in search interest. If you think that is a little too crazy, this next one is going to blow your mind off.

Remember Animal Crossing, the popular game has seen a mind blowing 17,427% in search interests, followed by Nintendo Switch console coming in at 1064% and boardgames at 4336% respectively.

Keeping it Fit

Finally, I am sure at some point most of us must have been like “I am gaining a lot of weight, I need to do something about it.” – I have. So, with no where to workout, people have been embracing indoor workout with an increase for gym equipment like skipping ropes which has increased by 4528% and yoga mats by 2016%.

What have you been purchasing? Well, as long you are happy that is all it matters.

Data featured in this study were obtained by aggregating thousands of product pages of more than 150 online merchants through https://iprice.my/. Data on the increase in searches were analyzed by comparing the impressions data recorded from March 18 – April 17, 2020 as compared to February 16, 2019 – March 17, 2020.