We all know for a fact how Samsung Galaxy S20 Series were – while we may not have reviewed the Ultra variant, we have definitely heard enough from our friends from other media who did review the phone like NasiLemakTech – check out their review here. That said, we did take a look at the S20 and S20+, you can read about them here – and honestly, we didn’t know Samsung would also take a bite on one gimmicky feature, the Space Zoom. Turns out, according to the famous leakster – the Galaxy Note20 will not sport one.

100X Space Zoom Bites the Dust

This tweet has been taken down — because…

According to Ice Universe, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note20 will not be carrying the Space Zoom sensor from its predecessor. That said, he did give a little explanation in another tweet saying that, instead of the zoom function, it will add a new sensor to assist in focusing and completely solve the focusing problem.

Now one of the issues the Galaxy S20 Ultra was how the focusing was a complete issue with the phone itself and Samsung was keen on making new updates to make sure that they fix that. But since that happened, it seems like Samsung might plan to include a better telephoto unit instead. Worry not, you will still get the glorious 108MP HM1 Sensor to go along with the new Note20 and that added focus assist sensor will work hand in hand.

On another note

A tweet by the handle 블로썸 | @blossomcy1201 , claims that the Note20 will feature the Space Zoom sensor and in this leak, it even shows how the bump would even look like.

So, there are chances that the Space Zoom might live on.

P.S. Even if it does not feature the 100x Zoom. I am not going to miss the Space Zoom because to me, its just a party trick and nothing more.