Ever since last year, eWallet in general has paved its way to make transaction easier and convenient to do so. In fact, the whole eWallet trend has been increasing to a point that our Malaysian Government allocated budget and encouraged Malaysians to move forward for the eTunai Rakyat initiative. It’s no surprise that Touch ‘n Go eWallet is stepping their A Game in the eWallet territory, with various collaborations and in fact during this MCO, they did things to make life easier for consumers. We had our own experience with Touch ‘n Go eWallet, and here’s how that went.

User Experience

Touch ‘n Go eWallet is available on all the platforms: Android, iOS and even for Huawei/HONOR users with their AppGallery. Right off the bat, the app is relatively easy to use and user friendly with all the essential task place on the front – that is not too crowded but just nice enough to get you going. Reloading is easier and you can just enter the amount of that you are going to reload, tap next and choose from one of your saved Credit/Debit cards or do an Online Banking. You can even purchase Reload PINs from convenient stores to top up which is neat. As for those who rely on eWallet heavily, you can enable Auto Reload – so the moment you hit a low balance, it will automatically top up for you.

Unlike last time, the app has been improved a lot – the Transaction History now shows all your past payments instead of showing just the last 7 transaction. As for paying with Touch ‘n Go with the merchant – there are three ways: Scan their QR Code, Merchant scan your QR Code and for online transaction, using your phone number and PIN to authorize the payment. Finally, for those who needs to take Tolls, you can link your Touch ‘n Go Card to check for balance.


Everyone around me knows that how much of a cashless person I am, and I heavily rely on my cards and my eWallet. That said, my experience with the Touch ‘n Go eWallet was pretty great. Being able to use it – pretty much for almost every transaction the moment I step outside was a relief because not all the other eWallet gives you the flexibility to be able to use everywhere. Ever since the movement control order was put in place, the whole way of shopping has changed a lot and the use for eWallets have definitely surged – not just for online shopping but even for groceries, food and even paying bills.

I had to step out to get some shopping done for groceries and one of their recent collaboration with the major retails like Village Grocer, Giant and even your friendly neighborhood convenient stores like 99 Speedmart, 7-Eleven and KK Mart was able to accept with no issues at all – this definitely puts contactless shopping on the rise because as of right now. Just scan the QR Code, enter your pin and voila.

Another collaboration that benefits users is being able to pay for Food Delivery services with the help of Touch ‘n Go eWallet. I used Beepit because some of my favorite cafes and comfort food is listed there and the fact that you can do so from the comfort of your home, reducing as much as contact with another person possible. In fact, in conjunction to Ramadan 2020, they have a lot of partners on board for their #lebihbanyakextra Promotion – which was great.

Speaking of online shopping, you can use your TnG eWallet to shop online at Lazada. If it weren’t for this MCO, I wouldn’t have done so much online shopping. What I personally do not like about Lazada is how sometimes the card just gets rejected and it frustrates me. I had to purchase some upgrade kits for my work machine at home for better performance and I made my payment with the eWallet and voila, payment successful. What’s great about that is – Touch ‘n Go eWallet offers cashback too and that’s a win in my books. It would be great if they were to collaborate with Shopee for online shopping – sooner or later, trust me consumers are really going to be happy about that.

Toll and Petrol

We are moving to a digital-dependent world and it’s impressive when our day-to-day commitments we have with our vehicle has a relation to eWallet. If you are driving somewhere around and if you happen to leave your credit or debit card at home, you can always pay for your petrol with the help of the eWallet. There were times during the EMCO where I noticed my car would blink for petrol and I’d just take my phone out, pay for my petrol and voila, I am back on the move.

If you know by now, RFID Payment for Tolls are becoming more of a norm and in fact, they are opening more lanes for a contactless and easy toll payments. You could purchase your own RFID Fitments through online stores and install it yourself. Pair it with your eWallet for the payment to initiate. If you are using the physical card, you can link to your eWallet and you will be entitled for rebates as well.

Tons of Cashbacks

Cashback is something you cannot get with your normal credit or debit cards. With situation being a little tough now, it is nice to have some cashback. That said, under the promotion column they have a lot of offers happening like cashbacks with Lazada for online shopping, reloading with certain banks to get cashbacks and even new announcement such as FamilyMart now accepts Touch ‘n Go eWallet for better contactless experience.


Touch ‘n Go eWallet is improving. Offers and promotions aside, there’s another reason that makes me recommend them over the others: the customer service is great – there were times I’ve personally had hiccups with the top up but one call to the customer service and they sort it out right away. The initiative and the dedication to make things right is hard to come across and Touch ‘n Go eWallet got that right.

It goes without saying, contactless shopping is the future. With the rise of eWallets in general, anyone can take out any phones that they are using to shop anytime and anywhere they want to. But with impactful eWallets like Touch ‘n Go eWallet with such game changing collaborations and keeping consumers happy, it will be the Rakyat’s choice of eWallets in no time.

Actually, it already is one.