[email protected] is where the brand unveils their new lineup of products – Thin and Light, Gaming, Productivity and Creator machines. We did see a lot of them which you can click here but there’s a product nobody saw coming – including myself who was a little too shocked to see coming from Predator, an Energy Drink called Predator Shot.

Predator Shot Energy Drink

We have no frigging clue on what the drink is based on or what flavor it is or who did they collaborate with to make it but what we do know is the cheesy transition from Jason Chen talking about the Orion 9000 to “I am thirsty. Let’s have a drink.” And in that moment, I thought the livestream ended but no, they left my mouth wide open. They literally announced their Energy Drink which you can see, that at the bottom it says Predator Shot Energy Drink and on the top the Tagline “Summon your Strength” followed by what it seems like Chinese characters at the bottom.

It comes in this Yellow with gray color can – it doesn’t say what flavor is it and I can see they are really excited on quenching their thirst with a shot of Predator Energy Drink but as hilarious as it sounds, I actually want to try it. This isn’t the first time a gaming brand unveiled an Energy Drink. What this could be is a jab or a competition to Razer’s very own Energy Drink lineup which they did a while back, but it comes in a flavored sachet.

Whatever it is, I am loving it man. Send me a can while you are at it, Acer. 😂