• Extremely Light Mouse to begin with
  • Top Notch Specification with Omron Switches and PixArt sensors
  • MasterKey gives a complete control over the mouse
  • Performance is slick and responsive
  • Higher DPI upto 16000 gives players an added advantage


  • Isn't the mouse for those who wants a little weight to it

Back in COMPUTEX 2019, we got the chance to visit Cooler Master’s booth where they show cased the lightest mouse – the MasterMouse 710 and 711, their Holey mouse which looks like it’s a very bare bones of a mouse but has some serious potential. Back in March, Cooler Master Malaysia was really generous enough to send us one and its not their usual Black or White but their Limited-Edition Gold MM711. Since it still is the same MasterMouse we saw in Computex 2019, here’s our final review on the Cooler Master MM711.

Look and Feel


The Cooler Master MM711 looks stunning and while it can be a little Tryphophobic – I am one – the mouse didn’t trigger that part of my brain which is a good sign because the holes aren’t circular but they are hexagonal in shape and for the most part, its noticeable where the palm rest, on the sides, partly on the buttons and on the bottom shell. We received the Gold with Orange accent which does give more of an Iron Man vibe to it and I really dig it.

The feel of the mouse is where part of the story lies. Coming from a ROG Gladius II which is a Heavy and big mouse, getting used to the Cooler Master MM711 did take me a while because it wasn’t only small, but it is extremely light, coming in at less than 60 grams. The mouse is constructed in ABS Plastic. So, you see how light we are talking about. But after a day or two, I got used to the mouse and it felt alright. As a right-handed user, the buttons were well placed, and everything is at reach. If you are a left handed user, you don’t have to worry too much as the mouse has good ergonomic and it’s ambidextrous – just that you will have to use a different finger to click the side buttons on the mouse. the MM711 suits pretty much all kinds of users like Claw, Palm and Fingertip. The RGB on the MM711 glows and it looks gorgeous – all possible to the design, the mouse gives like something that came straight out of an Avatar Movie.

The mouse doesn’t come with a detachable cable and it’s a braided one – the Gold MM711 comes with a white braided cable that’s a whopping 1.8 meters. So, if you are like me that uses this mouse on a laptop then you might find it too long – but its alright, you can always get a cable Velcro strap to cable manage your mouse.


The MM in the name stands for MasterMouse and you’d expect the best in class specification:

  • 7 Million RGB on the Wheel and Logo (Only for the MM711)
  • Pixart PMW 3389 Sensor with 7 Level DPI | 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 3200, 64000, 16000
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+
  • OMRON Switches 20 Million Clicks
  • 400 ips Tracking Speed


The MM711 works alongside with MasterPlus which can be downloaded through their official site. In the application, it offers plethora of controls for you to take complete advantage of the mouse. There are 5 different settings panel: Buttons, Lighting, Performance, Macros and Profiles.

Buttons allow you to program the function of the buttons and enable Mouse Combos and speaking of that – the mouse comes with prebuilt mouse combos to change the LED Lighting, Mode and Profile. So, its up to you if you want to use those for quick control or disable it.

In the Lighting segment, you can choose to set the LED Colors and the Mode with how fast or slow that you need the RGB to work – especially when you use Color Cycle.

Performance should be the middle name of this mouse because it offers a best in class experience – you can control the Mouse Sensitivity which is the DPI, USB Polling Rate, Angle Snapping, Lift off Distance, Angle Tuneability, OS Sensitivity, Double Click speed and Buttons respond time. This is a lot of customization and in my case, all I did was disable the higher DPI capability of the mouse and set the DPI I prefer/use on a day to day basis. As for the rest, I left it as is.

Macro lets you set shortcuts for the applications you use and finally, the profile part saves the setting and the way you want the mouse to behave.


The Cooler Master MM711 took me a while to get used to because of how light it was and coming from a 110-gram mouse to this was an obvious change. The MM711 is ridiculously light coming in at less than 60 grams and its probably one of the lightest mice you can find in the market as of right now. Once I did get used to the whole ergonomic of the mouse and the way it felt, it was nice to use. In my use case scenario, I do game but mostly spend the time to do some fine editing work and while the higher DPI wasn’t really a dealbreaker for me, I used 4 settings and they are: 400, 800, 1200, 1600. I found myself using 1600 dpi in rare cases, only when I play games like Overwatch or Division 2. If you are a person who plays CounterStrike or Valorant which is more of that caliber, I can see that the higher DPI settings might fit your use case scenario. Doing touch up work under lower DPI is a god send as you can switch to those and be able to use tools like Heal in Lightroom to trace along the border to fix the images flaw.

Other than that, the RGB is a nice touch and being able to play with the lighting and make it look the way I want it to look is definitely nice. The Gold MM711 adds more bling because of the outer gold shell as compared to the Black or white finish. One thing I do wish with the MM711 is the ability to swap between two cables as it would have been a good touch for better versatility – like a shorter cord for those who want to use with their laptop or to bring it on the go and a longer cord connected to the PC. Since it’s white, better make sure to take care of the mouse cable as it can be prone to getting dirty like dust sticking to it.

As for the mouse itself, if dust does go into the bottom part of the mouse – you don’t have to worry too much as it has a Water-resistant coating. So, you can wash the dust away but don’t do it on the top part as it isn’t water resistant.


For the most part the Cooler Master MM711 is an impressive mouse. After using it for three months, the question – who this mouse for is, kept popping into my head. The MM711 is well suited for users who spend more time on FPS game and need the Higher DPI or for those who want a really light mouse to go with, because not everyone is a fan of heavy mouse anyway. What was supposed to be a Not for Sale Limited Edition Cooler Master mouse is now sold but for all I know, it could be limited quantities only – the Gold MM711 is priced at RM249 – so, get it while you can and make sure to take care as it is one delicate mouse too.

Thank you, Cooler Master Malaysia, for gracing us with an MM711 for this Review.