Just recently, Kingston announced their new refreshed Canvas Card with UHS-II, and we have been using some of their cards for the longest period of time – click here to read about that. In fact, personally – I have been using Kingston exclusively when it comes to MicroSD cards but not SD Cards. That said, I decided to purchase a Canvas Select Card to see how the experience is and this is just a simple review from us which we decided to do out of pure interest.



The Kingston Canvas Select Plus is their entry level card which offers capacity from 32GB all the way up to 512GB, respectively. They did have a previous generation card which starts from 16GB and went all the way up to 128GB only, but those cards weren’t U1 V10 certified. But the generation we purchased is the U1 V10 variant – so make sure to pick up the right one. The Canva Select Plus we purchased has the following specification:

  • Speeds:
    • 100MB/s Read, UHS-I Speed Class, U1, V10 (32GB-64GB)
    • 100/85MB/s Read/Write, UHS-I Speed Class, U3, V30 (128GB-512GB)
  • Recommended for Point and Shoot Cameras

So, consider the Select Plus as a card used for simple use and for general consumers.



Since this is our first time reviewing an SD Card, we benchmarked the card with two software – one of them is CrystalDiskMark, a benchmark tool that we use to test all our storage speeds and a very good software. The other one is SpeedOut, a simple Benchmark tool made for SD Card Benchmarking purposes. To benchmark the speeds, we used the ASUS ROG Strix Scar Edition which has a built in SD Card – Genesys Logic USB 3.0 Card Reader. Driver Version

In our SpeedOut Test, we received a read speed of 90.1MB/s and 76.1MB/s respectively. Followed by that, we tested the SD Card with CrystalDiskMark and in our Sequential Read, the card hit about 87MB/s and Write speeds of 80MB/s respectively. For a consumer centric card, the Canva Select Plus offers quite the impressive speeds for normal Photography and Videography. We use the Canvas Select Plus card on our DSLR to shoot videos for our Site and so far, it has handled this very well. Overall, its quite the compelling card and it’s a card we reach out more often in the given time.


If you are looking for a good SD Card with a proper quality to go with, the Kingston Canvas Select Plus is a good fit. We purchased our 64GB Card for about RM 45. Unlike the other contenders like SanDisk, which offers a steep pricing for such speeds, the Kingston Canvas Select Plus offers better value and good performance – and if you do know where to get it, you can get it for maybe slightly cheaper but take note, with so many counterfeits out there, you are better off purchasing cards from Authorized Retailers. As I mentioned earlier, they have a new UHS-II cards coming in real soon, we have yet to review those but when we do, you will hear from us. 😊

If you do want to get a card that offers better speeds, then they have the Canvas Go! and React for intense use case scenarios like recording 4K footage and so much more.

Purchase your very own Canvas Select Plus – through our links: Kingston Offical Store