Gaming Chairs are a norm for a Gaming setup, and they are one comfortable looking chair in my opinion, but they can be a little too expensive. But this time, Acer proved that their Gaming Chair doesn’t extra RGB to keep your setup lit but instead collaborating with Osim, making a friggin’ Massage Gaming Chair – Mother of god I want one.

Predator | OSIM Gaming Chair

Right out of the bat, the chair looks comfy as heck and it doesn’t have any of the RGB going on but keeps the Predator Color scheme to it – the Cyan and Black finish that looks amazing. The Chair comes with a traditional wheelchair setup but when you look under the hood – theres a lot more to it that it meets the eye. The chair offers a Four Roller Function for the best kind of massages you can get and if you know Osim, they are one of the leading companies to make products like these.

Now since its also an entertainment centric product, the headrests have two speakers built right in with Bluetooth Capability. Finally, to keep all of this in control, the Armrest on the Right has an Embedded control Panel. The chair not only works as a standalone product but if you happen to own the Thronos, their gaming throne, you can even fit this gaming chair into that setup.

There’s no word on the pricing and Availability but when it is available, we are sure as heck going to ask Acer Malaysia to be able to Review it.