Last year, we got to see some of the coolest TV lineup from Samsung and they have unveiled interesting series to make these TV not only functional but aesthetically pleasing to the environment or the setup you fix your TV in. Despite the Covid situation where we may not be able to get our hands on or be able to try these TVs in person, Samsung unveils the new 2020 Series lineup for pretty much all the series – QLED, The Sero, Serif and Frame TV.

QLED 2020

The QLED TV from Samsung uses a Quantum Dot LED Technology to offer an unparalled visual and comes in two different variants – 4K or 8K, depending on what your preference is and which one fits your bill of course. The experience on these TVs are powered by their top notch AI Quantum Processor to get the content is as rich as possible and especially on the 8K TV where it ensures that you have 8K content no matter the source quality is. Dynamic Sound staging is definitely becoming more of a thing and you can enjoy that with the QLED TV through their OTS and OTS+. Samsung’s QLED TV offers the best immersive experience in my opinion and with that near-zilch bezel makes it amazing.

The Seros

Think of The Seros as a big smartphone of sorts because it kinda is one once you pair it to your smartphone. The Display rotates to make sure you watch your content in either Portrait or Landscape – so you don’t have to tilt your head in ways. The aspect ratio is optimized in a way that you can enjoy content, apps, social media on the entire screen without compromising too much. It even works with iOS very well too.

The Serif

The Serif is an artsy version of the QLED TV and when I say artsy, I mean it – with the design and then wedge like stand that it stays on make it look like a timeless artpiece with an amazing color and experience for you to enjoy. It has NFC on the TV for easy pairing, you can put it wherever you want and it will blend in really well – thanks to the I Shaped design.

The Frame

Finally we have The Frame, a TV from Samsung which doubles as an art piece and also becomes a TV when you need it to be one. The Bezels around the TV is a wood panel of sorts that you’d see on any Photoframe and it’s quite the delight to look at it. You can make it blend to your wall, show your favorite moment, present art the way you like it and so much more – the customizability here is endless.

Raya Bergaya, Ceria Bersama

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