When it comes to affordable speakers, there are lots of them in the market and some may seem skeptical while others may seem a little too good to be true. The latter is true for this brand – Oxayoi, a Chinese manufacturer – in fact this is the first time we are taking a look at this particular brand and they sent us two speakers for us to play with and if you want something a speaker that doesn’t break too much of your bank – well, you could consider either of these – the Oxayoi Emerarudo SB501 or the Oxayoi Akareddo 601.

Oxayoi Emerarudo SB501

Soundbars are getting more and more popular but affordable sound bars are little hard to come by with minimum compromises. The Emerarudo happens to be a popular choice for sound bar from them and it doesn’t just come with a soundbar but a separate subwoofer unit that adds the bass to the whole experience. On the back of the sound bar comes with the input such as Line IN, Coaxial, Subwoofer, DC In and even an Optical Input where they do include a Toslink cable with the sound bar – cool!


Setting up and using it – is as easy as 1,2 and 3. The Soundbar does come with an attached antenna cable which I wished was detachable. It also has controls on the side and a USB Port on the back – which I’d recommend having a USB Extender as it isn’t the best location. If you do plan to wall mount the sound bar, it comes with the screw and wallmounts attached on the soundbar – so your work to do here is very simple – drill the hole onto the wall and hang it. Since the cable are a bit long, you can do some wire management to run it clean depending how your setup is.

What I like about the Emerarudo is how it has a clean finish and they included a remote for you to control the speaker at ease. The subwoofer unit comes with quite the long cable – so, you could place it beside your TV Stand if you want to but the clean look makes the whole setup look nice. In terms of control, you can use FM, AUX, Optical and it also has Bluetooth Support. All you have to do is pair with your phone and you can play your favorite tune.

The Emerarudo feels like the soundbar you should go if you have very limited space around your desk or if you are looking for a soundbar under a tight budget with a nice bass unit. If you are looking for a little higher Watt speaker with some Karaoke capability, then the next one might be up your alley.

Oxayoi Akareddo 601

These speaker have a traditional setup – which means you have the main unit with holds the controls and the subwoofer built right into it and two separate speakers with a proper normal driver and a tweeter to go along with it. This particular speaker comes with a 70W rating and it has a 2.1 Channel which isn’t something the Soundbar feature. The main unit hold the control on everything and on the front you will notice it has a 5 different dials – Volume, Treble, Bass, Mic Volume and Echo – with two Mic Inputs at the bottom. It also has 5 buttons around the volume dial. The subwoofer has a blue light that gives it a very alienated aesthetic to your whole setup. If you do plan to connect a USB Drive or an SD Card slot, its located on top of the speaker and worry not, the Akareddo 601 comes with Bluetooth capabilities too.


While this may seem like a huge speaker that takes quite the space – it looks like a nice speaker that would go for a mini setup for home where you want a small TV with a decent sound system with karaoke capabilities – because if you were to buy the speaker online – it does come with two Microphone to unleash your musical talents.

If you are on a tight budget but want a speaker that works and maybe, save you a lot of money while you are at it – the Oxayoi Emerarudo and the Akareddo are decent choice. I personally like the soundbar better, just saying. 😊

Thanks to Oxayoi for sending us both the speaker for making this article happen. Special thanks to our friend Bryan for loaning us his Nikon D610 for the product shot in this review to happen.