Last month, Canon decided to drop their long awaited successor or should I say additions to the existing R lineup of cameras. For those who are wondering what exactly is this R lineup, its Canon’s very own mirrorless lineup. Starting with the EOS R and RP – which made its debut in 2018 and 2019. And for this year, their long awaited and rumored R5 and R6 was supposed to drop and surprise, it did – making its global debut literally at the end of July 2020. Moving into August, Canon Malaysia had quite the delight for us on the table – to take the EOS R6 for a spin and we only got to play with it for 4 days – and here’s what we think about it so far.

Watch our video on what I really have to say about the camera.

Solid Build Quality


I love the whole build quality – while it maybe constructed in magnesium alloy with some polycarbonate parts, it is still one amazing camera to hold and use. I love the fact that it has a bigger grip for better handling and it felt like holding a DSLR to be frank. So for small hands, it may seem like a little hard to handle the Camera but for what its’ worth you will be grabbing with both hands and chances of it falling out of your hand will be little.

Back to the classic way of interaction

If you remember, with the previous EOS R – it had a digital display for quick view on the top and you have an extra dial to change to video or image mode which is a little clunky in my opinion but I am happy that they have ditched that system for the classic approachable design – a dial that just says everything so you can change to the said mode without any extra buttons pressing. Although I kinda wished that the extra display remained up top – but if that’s what you want, then check the R5 which still retains one.

Image Sample

These are some of the shots taken with the Canon R Mount 24-70 f/2.8 IS Lens. Nice thing about the camera is that it houses a dual SD Card slot system which means for better failsafe or having more storage on the move depending whichever the case.


5.5K downscaled to 4K is absolutely stunning

There’s no nice way to put this but the EOS R and RP had some shortcoming in the video division – with the crippled 4K with 1.8x crop on the EOS R, both the cameras can only hit about 30fps and the list just goes on and on. But Canon learnedfrom their mistakes with those and upped their game with the EOS R6 – which also makes sense why there’s a totally new variant in just a short span of time. Now it comes with upto 4K 60 and you can take it up to 8 stops with the Image Stabilization, if you pair it with the right lens.

Yes, the Overheating issue is real

One of the biggest hottest (no pun intended) issue with the EOS R6, and so much so to a point that it is still the talk of the day is the overheating issue. Now for what its worth, during our tests we cranked it up to a 4K 60 setup and let it run. At the 27:01 minute mark, the camera shut off entirely with the overheating indicator and we turned back on to see if it can record – it couldn’t. It took about an exact 1 hour 52 minutes to be precise to cool down – a close 2 hours – which is utterly disappointing. So, if you are planning to get this camera for it’s said videography capability – you are going to spend few hours just to get an hour worth of footage.


Right off the bat when we got the press release from Canon on both the R5 and R6, the R5 is definitely an overkill of a camera with quite the beastly specification which targets a very niche category of users. We didn’t get to try that just yet, but hopefully soon. But the EOS R6 is what users would want to own, the camera is a step down from the R5, just by a hair. We are moving to a lot of video centric content these days and the EOS R6 is one capable camera. Sure, that overheating issue did get in the way and I had to switch to 1080p 60 fps, which was definitely annoying – but I hope they actually do something about to fix it because this just might be the camera Canon fans have been waiting for the longest possible time.

Again, this is our hands on review based on the barely 4 days experience we had with the EOS R6. We will definitely work on an in-depth review when Canon Malaysia let us loan the camera for a longer period of time for us to work on it.

That said, huge thanks to Canon Malaysia for making this EOS R6 content possible for us.