• VA Panel which offers a Best of both world experience
  • Decent Experience overall
  • VESA Mount Support
  • Extremely affordable and value for money


  • Build Quality is compromised to keep the affordability

Monitors in general come at a hefty price tag and if you were to look for a budget monitor, it’s hard to come across one with the least compromises to begin with. But with AOPEN, that’s not the case. While it may sound like a brand that no one has heard of but its associated with Acer but targeted more towards an affordable price segment. That said, we got to check out their AOPEN 22CV1Q Monitor which happens to cost a shy of RM300. Is this a value-for-money laptop? Let’s find out.

Watch our YouTube Video on the AOPEN 22CV1Q

Look and Feel


To put it simply, the AOPEN 22CV1Q has a considerably basic design going on – in fact, it isn’t going to turn a lot of heads. That said, they have cut cost in this department to offer a decent experience for users. Then again, you do have some modern design cues to go with the new norms of PC – like an extra thin bezel and the capability to use a VESA Mount which is a great additional touch for a wall mount or a desk mount clutter free setup. It comes with a basic stand and once you do attach it to the body, you can tilt the display up and down – but that’s it really.

Specification and Inputs

It’s a decent monitor and comes with the following specification:

  • 5” Full HD (1920 x 1080) VA Display with Anti-glare Coating
  • 200 nits brightness with 72% NTSC Color Gamut
  • 5ms Response Time

Taking a look at the inputs – on the back with have two inputs for the display – a VGA Port and an HDMI Port which is decent enough for you to hook up to two devices and say if you still have a device that uses a VGA port, you can most definitely take advantage of the monitor. Finally, you have the DC IN port for you to powerup the display.

It has individual buttons for control at the bottom which is a little tricky to use as you wouldn’t know which button is assigned to what function until you figure out with the help of the user manual or pressing it to see the options panel to give an idea on what each button function as. There isn’t a built-in speaker for the monitor – something you should remember.


Given the fact that unlike other monitors where you’d only be able to opt in for a TN based panel, the AOPEN 22CV1Q has a VA Panel which is really nice to use and to give an understanding on the difference – the VA Panel is sort of a middle ground to the TN and IPS. This is done to bring the best of both worlds such as the higher refresh rates on an TN panel and the colors from the IPS together. It performs just as it should.

It does have its own flaws like when you go on a wider angle, the colors do have the washed out tones which is visible on the very extreme angles but for the most part the colors from the right viewing angles look great and the 200 nits brightness is decent in a room of sorts. Say if you do sit near your window then chances are the brightness of the display would be a little on the lower side. But you won’t notice any reflection on the display as it has an antiglare coating to battle the harsh lighting issues.

If you plan to game on this monitor, you can – it is a decent display but take note that since it is only rated for 60Hz and 5ms response time, there might be a little bit of frame tearing going on as the display doesn’t have features like AMD FreeSync or G Sync to make it any better. But for productivity centric tasks, the monitor suffice – if you plan to do some color work, it does have a 72% NTSC coverage but I wouldn’t recommend as IPS panels offer a better color accuracy as compared to a VA Panel if you really want to do some serious color correction work. If you just want to get some light editing work, the colors on the 22CV1Q is decent.


The AOPEN 22CV1Q is a remarkably simple monitor. Not to forget, an affordable one too – because if you notice, for a VA Panel monitor and with even a slighter better color accuracy is harder to come across. But the very fact that the 22CV1Q covers more ground with a shy of RM 290 – it goes without saying that this is a value for money, budget monitor you can find in the current market, at least in Malaysia.

Special thanks to Acer Malaysia for sending us the AOPEN 22CV1Q over for us to review and for making this content happen.