Dyson is no stranger in making appliances for home that looks like it came straight out of the future, and their products has the technology to prove that how powerful and innovative they can be. That said, their new Vacuum, Dyson Digital Slim does as what its predecessor does – but this time a lot more powerful, smaller, and even lighter. It’s now in Malaysia as well.

Dyson Digital Slim

Dyson Digital Slim, is now 20 percent smaller and 30 percent lighter but then whenever you hear that in a product, your mind would automatically think that there will be a step down in the performance department but that’s not the case here – in fact, it has a much powerful Dyson Hyperdymium motor that has the potential to create highly efficient cyclones and carbon fiber filaments for fine dust pick up.

They have stitched a carbon fiber filament and felt on the cleaner head together instead of an adhesive to reduce the weight. The airflow path is re-engineered to create a much more direct path for the airflow therefore smoothing out sharp corners and offering better edge cleaning performance. The body as I mentioned earlier is made from two pieces and its 15 percent shorter and 6.3 mm thinner than the V11 Series.

The Hyperdymium motor has the potential to spin up to 120,000 rpm to create an extremely powerful suction. The ceramic shaft is cured at 1600 degree Celsius, therefore making it three times harder than steel, with half the density. The 11 scrolled cyclones now can remove more dust and dirt from the airflow. The wider radius at the entry point reduces the energy losses, scrolling air in at a less tangential angle to reduce air resistance. As it narrows, the air gets accelerated to create a centrifugal force that captures the fine particles.

Now, since it’s a lot more lighter – it’s also a powerful 3-in-1 cleaner – it can clean your floors, mattresses and hard to reach areas with the various attachment that it comes with. Not just that, the filtration system can even clean as much as 99.97% of microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns. Thanks to the airtight gasket, the system is completely sealed, and it won’t leak back into the air.

The display shows the cleaning mode, remaining time and offers filter maintenance remainders and blockage reports. It even offers better grip – with the smaller circumference of the handle and a more comfortable grip for people with smaller hands. The trigger is now contoured for good comfort too. Want to clean them? Just wash them, it’s as easy as that. The batteries on the Digital Slim offers about 40 minutes in eco mode on hard floors and up to 5 minutes in boost mode. You can even swap the battery to get about 80 minutes of run time in eco mode.

Pricing and Availability

The Dyson Digital Slim is now available at their official Website and Demo stores located at The Gardens Mall and Mid Valley South Key. If you want to get extra batteries and chargers separately, you will have to wait till next year to get through their website. It comes in two different variants – Fluffy Extra and Pro, which is priced at RM 2,599 and 2,799, respectively.