• Extremely tiny and Super portable
  • Gets loud and has a decent audio quality
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and works with both SBC and AAC Codecs
  • Multifunction button for EQ and other controls
  • Very Affordable


  • MicroUSB is dated to be honest
  • The sound staging could be better with the Deep Bass EQ

We spoke about the Infinity by Harman not too long ago and I mentioned about how intriguing it is to see another lifestyle centric audio brand when they already have the JBL representing just that, in my Tranz 700 Review, which you can click here to read it. In this review, we are going to look at a much smaller and petite speaker that looks like a hotel soap – the Infinity Clubz Mini.

Look and Feel


Anyone looking at this package or even looking at the speaker once they open up are going to go “How is this going even sound any good” because that’s how small it is. It literally can sit in the palm of your hand and looks very innocently cute. The speaker touts the Infinity brand with the logo on the front and has the LED indicator and just right there you have a loop where you can attach a lanyard to hang it to your bag or wherever you want to hang it. On the top, you’ll notice it has a mesh-slash-cloth like material covering it and at the bottom is where you will find the one and only button you have – a multifunctioning power button.


The Clubz Mini is a rather simple product and claims to have the following:

  • Mono Channel Speaker with 36mm Neodymium Driver
  • 5W Output Power
  • Charges via Micro USB
  • Bluetooth 5.0 | Playback time up to 5 hours

Experience and Sound Quality

You’d want to read the instruction manual for the speaker as it has the same Dual EQ we saw with the Tranz 700 and in order to activate it, you’ll need to press the power button three times to switch between Normal and Deep Bass. Once you know that, the rest of it is a piece of cake – pair it and start playing the songs you want. We used Spotify Premium set at Very High quality to replicate or to have a close enough experience to our native files we have on our PC and iTunes.

Black Widow by Iggy Azalea – On normal mode, there’s absolutely no existence of bass and the quality of the music is rather clear with vocals and some synth sounds on the background. Enable the deep bass, it’s a whole another story. It has an amplified staging and presence of deep bass eliminates the clarity entirely. It gets surprisingly loud and clear which is quite the shocker.

Demons by Imagine Dragon – On the normal mode, its flat and the vocals are clear and does feel a little too sharp, the guitar sound is clear on the background. Once the drums kick in, it has a very balanced quality with marginally, what it seems to be like a grainy muffled sound. The Deep bass has an amplified stage which makes it lose the clarity for the deep bass feature.

We tried with other songs and the result was the same where the normal mode retains the quality, and the deep bass loses that for an amplified experience. Personally, I would go for the normal mode as the music is much more easier to listen to as compared to the deep bass mode which I am not really a fan of with the Clubz Mini but what I am shocked to see is how such a petite looking speaker sound super loud and this is good enough for those little house gathering that you have with your friends at the Airbnb or when you want to bring it while travelling because people who want the best quality listening experience aren’t going to get from the Clubz Mini and for that you will have to turn your heads to speakers like the UE Megaboom, which still holds a special place in my heart.


Priced at RM 89 for such a petite little speaker – what you are really paying for is the form factor because it’s just as small as a hotel soap bar – the ones you see in a circle shape and the sound quality is decent enough to be the background music when you and your friends are playing some board games at the homestay. The Clubz Mini is a decent everywhere-to-go speaker that doesn’t take too much of your space and too much of your money.

Thanks to Harman Malaysia for gracing us with the Infinity Clubz Mini for review purposes.