It was no surprise that there was going to be a new Fan Edition phone to come out soon but it was quite a surprise when it was a S series that’s getting a FE unlike the Note7 which was rebranded to Fan Edition as a way to redeem every users heart after you-know-what-happened. This Galaxy S20 FE brings an interesting proposition to the table and it also raises a lot of question which I am going to talk about in this article.

It still has some S20 DNA with some minor tweaks, but good ones

Okay, this part shouldn’t come off as a surprise that the S20 FE’s resemblance to the S20 is uncanny but with a fun little twist. Now there isn’t any special edition like a Jennie Red or something but now you get a total of six different colors – for everyone to choose from: Cloud Navy, Lavender, Mint, Cloud Red, Orange (my personal favorite) and white.

Just like the S20 Series, the display isn’t curved and its flat from the look of it but it’s a 6.5” Full HD+ Infinity-O display – there isn’t a QHD+ version of it, which sounds okay because apparently to keep up with users’ needs and one of the hyped up feature everyone is begging to have on their phone is on the S20 FE, the 120Hz Refresh Rate.

On the back, the phone gets a triple camera setup – 12MP Ultra-Wide, 12MP Wide-Angle and 8MP Telephoto whereas on the front it has a 32MP Selfie shooter. Now this is a very practical setup, and they didn’t opt in for some gimmicky sensor replacing their signature functional layout – a very commendable move. The space zoom is also found in the FE, but it doesn’t matter much because in our reviews, we did say it’s a party trick and nothing more. There are some interesting improvements in the software division going on, to make the whole experience nicer.

The phone comes with a 4500mAh battery for an all-day experience and with the specification you are about to see, it makes it compelling and chances are it will last even longer. It comes with only one configuration – a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Processor and there isn’t an Exynos variant to be seen, coupled with 8GB RAM and 256GB Internal Storage, you can even expand the memory via a MicroSD Card slot.

Is the S20 still relevant?

This is the question we kept getting. The thing about the S20 is that they are vaguely similar with the FE but there are minor details that makes the S20 still a flagship that it is.

The display S20 has – it’s a 6.2” QHD+ Infinity-O Display with 120Hz refresh rate. It still has a high refresh rate. The camera on the back are slightly different but only with the Telephoto camera which comes with a 64MP Sensor. The rest of it is pretty much the same. Not to forget it has the Exynos processor running under the hood. I am sure by now, your question would be: So, should I get the S20 or go for the FE? We will get down to this soon.

This puts the Note20 in a much tougher position

But what I can definitely answer is this – it definitely puts the recently announced Galaxy Note20 in a seriously tough position to recommend when it’s the only Note this year we find appealing. It’s no surprise that Samsung’s hardware game is definitely strong in both the phone on its own but when you pit the Note20 against the S20 FE, it’s a whole another game – making the Note20 look like some sort of unloved child of the whole lineup.

It gets no love in a lot of department: It gets a 60Hz Display which I find it okay but consumers these days want higher refresh rates for everything, no way to expand the memory with a help of a MicroSD Card but you can still have Dual SIM to use the phone. Since it’s a Note, obviously you get the magical S Pen to jot down and get some real tasks. At this point, the only reason that’s still holding a bit of relevance for the Note20 is the S Pen. If there wasn’t any, Samsung would have murdered their own flagship but in reality they kind of did, well, almost.

We will make a video soon and talk about this whole sentiment with you guys real soon because personally, as we are writing this article – I am using the Galaxy Note20 for review as my personal daily driver and the thoughts I had on the phone has completely changed with the FE’s announcement.

Pricing and Availability

With all these aside, at least now users can get a Snapdragon powered flagship smartphone in their pocket and for the price of RM 3,399 it makes it really compelling. If you do plan to pre-order, you can do that by clicking here and this pre-order will last till 7th October.

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