Let’s be real – the moment when we look for audio products and speakers in general, most of the time we get infamous brands in our search or recommended results. But the one thing that stops or make a s consumer rethink about these soundbars – it’s the fact on how pricey it can get. Now there’s a brand called Vinnfier, which has been looming in the Malaysian market for a while now and they reached out to us and said, “We have a soundbar that’s a lot more affordable and sounds impressive too.” To which I said, sure, send it over. After using it for more than a month plus, I have to say, its an interesting product.

A Premium-esque Look and Finish

The packaging was clean and clear, but what I did like is how it looked after taken outside the box. It comes in two different box – the subwoofer and the soundbar itself. And for the most part, it looks pretty decent. Both the soundbar and the subwoofer has a metal build to give it a premium look and it sure does look like one.

There are brackets at the back for users to mount it on the wall which is a nice touch but what I loved about the sound bar is how very minimal wires are needed to fire up the soundbar.

Same goes to the subwoofer that came in the other box. Other than the metal mesh like design, it has an MDR Board around the speaker which is generally normal in this price range.

Tangle-free Wireless Experience

I am genuinely surprised that at this price tag, getting a soundbar and subwoofer with a wireless experience is possible. The last time we reviewed a soundbar had a same concept, but it also comes at a hefty price tag to begin with. With that said, the HyperBar comes with a wireless subwoofer that you can tuck it by the side of your TV cabinet or even keep it at a corner of sorts. Just power both the devices on and they will connect and be in sync.

The sound bar on the other hand has just the right amount of input for users – on the side, there’s the USB-A Port for you to mount your HDD or Pen drive for music, on the back is where you have a HDMI Audio input which is nice to have for one remote control situation, an AUX port and a toslink port as well. Don’t worry, if you want a much more tangle free experience, then you can resort to the Bluetooth connectivity it offers.

The speaker comes with a remote and the controls are straightforward. But thing is that it doesn’t have the customizability you’d see on a little bit pricier soundbar.

Surprising Sound Staging and Experience

Like I mentioned earlier, unlike the Oxayoi soundbar we checked out a while back, while it may have sounded better – pitting it up against the HyperBar 800, I have to say: The HyperBar sounds far more superior than that, in fact I don’t think I have ever come across a sound bar that sounds this decent in this price range. For the most part, during our time using the Hyperbar, we used it with our phones via Bluetooth and our entertainment centers via AUX and it sounds quite alright.

Sure it doesn’t have any of those Dolby or DTS Certification to make this speaker come any where close to the certified ones, but if you are out there looking for a soundbar that fits the bill but want a good sounding experience, this just might be the one. But it isn’t all perfect either. The bass can’t be tuned to your liking and you are stuck with a limited set of EQ that comes baked right into the speaker. For some it might be okay but if you want the sound you hear to tune to your taste, then this is a little challenging to deal with – unless if you use an EQ built right into your laptop or phone to take advantage of the speaker’s. At least that’s what I did.


Coming in at a shy of RM550, if you are lucky, you can even find it at a much lower price too – the asking price for the HyperBar 800 may sound steep but for what it’s worth, you are getting a good sounding soundbar at the end of the day – the kind where you would get jump scares watching The Quiet Place or even get immersed in some action packed show or it could just be as simple as grooving to the favorite tune of yours from your smartphone.

We give a thumbs up for the Vinnfier HyperBar 800.