Edifier makes a lot of decent value for money products for users and its pretty justifiable for its price tag. This time they came up with a new True Wireless Earbuds which claims to have low latency while you game and at the same time it’s promoted as a Gaming True Wireless Earbuds. There are some cool things to note about this product and here’s what we feel about it.

Cool looking Case


Right off the bat, the Hecate GM4 has a cool looking case that most definitely stands out from a lot of true wireless earbuds we have seen so far. If there’s any way you could make a true wireless earbud edgy to tout its gaming characteristics, the Hecate does it well. It has a sky-blue indicator that lights up to show how much battery you have and inside we have the earbuds itself. It comes in this air pod-like stem design and while it does seem a little generic. They did spice things up with some RGB light indicator on each earbud which also doubles as a touchpad to interact and control your music.

To charge this true wireless earbud, all you have to do is connect a USB-C charging cable to the side and voila. You are good to go. 😊

Decent Sound Experience

The sound staging of the GM4 is much more similar to TWS 3 which we reviewed a while back with quite a nice feel to it and has a decent dynamic range. But it does have a heavier bass to it, this could be due to the fact that gamers want to have that feedback effect while they play games or listen to music and it’s a good thing to have – at least from a gamers perspective. As from someone who wants to listen to some songs, the GM4 does alright – and bass heads will definitely love it. The treble does fall short and feels like it sits behind the bass frequency. The stereo separation is noticeable, and it leaps left and right quite alright. For a gaming earbud it is good. Sadly, Edifier ditched the Qualcomm aptX and other codecs – leaving the only two codec available which is SBC and AAC for this earbud and they made room for a new sensor which heavily focuses on the latency. So how is it?

Gaming Experience is Alright

Now in order to use the low latency mode, Edifier calls it the Gaming mode and to enable it, all users would have to do is tap and hold to activate. Once it’s done, you can connect to your phone and then start playing games. We tested the earbuds with our ROG Phone 3 and honestly, we still noticed a little latency to it but to Edifier’s defense, they did say its low latency and not “no latency”. In this time and age, no matter how much a user plan to game, audio delay is imminent, and latency is something users will experience via Bluetooth connectivity. Although it is on the lower side, the latency is still in a way slightly nitpickish bothersome. But if you do compare with other earbuds in the market, the GM4 isn’t too shabby.


In this quick review of ours, we touched base with two important aspect – that is the audio quality and the Latency – which happens to be the key features of the product. For the asking price of RM199, the Edifier Hecate GM4 aren’t too shabby and they are great gaming earbuds you can ask for at this price. But if you are expecting for absolutely no latency to be present, then Bluetooth headphones in general are a big no no and you’d want to go for a wired in-ear headphones which Edifier does offer as well.

But if you do plan to get the Edifier Hecate GM4, it isn’t the perfect Gaming Earbuds, but they do quite alright.

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Thanks to Edifier for sending us the GM4 for making this content happen.

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