Targeting gamers who are looking to improve their computer or gaming console audio but not wanting to splurge for expensive, platform-dedicated sound cards, Edifier releases the GS01 and GS02 Professional Gaming External Sound Cards that supports both Windows PC and the Sony PlayStation 4 in a plug-and-play form.

Edifier GS01

The Edifier GS01 uses a C-Media HS-100B all-in-one sound processor that has an in-built stereo Digital-Analogue-Converter (DAC), earphone driver and a microphone pre-amp booster within the circuitry. It is a simple USB-compatible device that can be plugged into the USB port on either a Windows PC or on a PS4, and sports a physical microphone switch and a volume knob for on-the-fly control without needing to switch to the desktop to adjust volume..

Edifier GS02

Edifier’s GS02 comes packing support for 7.1 surround sound with its professional grade C-Media CM-108 sound processor which comprises of two DAC units, a dedicated earphone amplifier, noise reduction feature built-in and a 48/44.1 kHz audio sampling rate for both audio playback and recording for the optimal sound experience. Both the GS01 and GS02 comes equipped with a TRRS audio jack and also features a single audio port that so the audio signals are kept clean and voice recordings without noises.

Pricing & Availability

The Edifier GS01 and GS02 are available for purchase through Edifier’s Shopee Mall and LazMall as well as other official sales channels at a MSRP of RM 39 for the Edifier GS01 or a MSRP of RM 49 for the Edifier GS02.