Mobile devices these days pack massive storage but blink and they are filled up, and manufacturers play this to their advantage by making people cough up more dosh for more space. Kingston looks to offer consumers an alternative by launching two new Type-C USB Drives under their DataTraveler line-up that offers speed and capacities that should satisfy the vast majority of the people.

Kingston DataTraveler 80

For those looking for absolutely no compromises, the new Kingston DataTraveler 80 aims to deliver blistering speeds of up to 200 MB/s in a variety of storage spaces so users can easily change transfer files between different mobile devices, be it smartphones or PCs, as long as USB-C is present then the new Data Traveler 80 would work with it. Complementing these high performance specifications is a design fit for the business meetings, durable and compact.

Kingston DataTraveler 70

If absolute speed is not the top priority, the DataTraveler 70 would be a value-driven alternative that still sports a USB-C connector and support for USB 3.2 Gen 1. Capacity options are still plenty up to 128 GBs and the drive adopts a simple, lightweight design so it would be easily carried around and fits any use scenarios. It is also backed by the same 5-year warranty as the DataTraveler 80 so users can use the drives with no worries.

Pricing & Availability

The Kingston DataTraveler 80 USB-C drive is available for purchase through Kingston’s official Lazada Store in storage sizes of 32GB to 256GB for a MSRP ranging from RM 53 to RM 209. The Kingston DataTraveler 70 USB-C drive will be available for purchase from either the Kingston’s Shopee store or Lazada store with capacities of 32GB to 128GB for a suggested retail price of RM 24 through RM 81.

P/S: There is a sales going on on Kingston’s Shopee Mall account so you snatch the DataTraveler 70 for a discount.