Zhiyun Crane 2S: Hands On

When we covered the Crane 2S, we were genuinely intrigued by how much it look improved on paper and knowing that it was announced not too long ago, we had to take a closer look and perhaps put it for test and experiment the product with our very imaging gears. But before that we had to unbox and see what it comes with along the Zhiyun Crane 2S and that’s what we are going to see here.

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Inside the Box


The Zhiyun Crane 2S we received is the basic kit but if you do want to opt in for their bundled options with some extra accessories to go along with the gimbal, you can do so. But that said, the Crane 2S we received came in this white box and inside of that is a hard-shell carry case to bring the gimbal everywhere you go. Once you open it – you will see the Crane 2S all in its glory and along side with that are some accessories to make it go along with the gimbal well.

It comes with the FlexMount System plates for easy vertical and horizontal mounting and a lens bracket mount to hold it in place. Then there’s the tripod for users to place it on a surface with ease. The Zhiyun Crane 2S comes with various cables for you to attach and take advantage of the camera and the built-in controls with the camera. Make sure to watch our video to know the key features of the Crane 2S.

Our First Impression

We were genuinely surprised that the Crane 2S has really nice heft and weight to it. With the dials placed at the right spot and the required controls at an easy reach. I like the idea of not using proprietary batteries like certain contenders in the market does but rather going for an high density batteries which is a lot more easier to hot swap when you are on the move and in order to charge it, they have even included a USB-C battery charger and that’s a really nice touch.


Personally, we have played with Zhiyun’s Gimbal before and it was a pleasant surprise that the Crane 2S has a lot of finetuning gone under the hood to make it even better. For starters, in order to do a vertical shot, a gimbal should have the capacity to hold a specific payload and if not, everything goes haywire. The fact that the Crane 2S can handle a Proper mirrorless and an APS-C mounted on the same gimbal at the very same time shows that the payload on this is rock solid for all kinds of shots.

Zhiyun has tested the gimbal – or to put it in better words, recommends using these gimbals even on systems like the BlackMagic 6K Camera, Panasonic S1H, Canon EOS 1DX and even the infamous Nikon D850. These are some of the solid and heaviest camera you can find in the market. For this gimbal, it’s a surprise and I am happy to have that versatility to use any camera of these caliber in the Crane 2S.

We use Sony and Nikon systems here at The Adventures of Vesper and our testing is going to heavily rely around that, so stay tuned for more content that we will be doing with the Crane 2S – hoping that we don’t go into another quarantine so to speak. But that’s all for now, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube and Like us on our Facebook to keep your eyes wide open on what’s to come.

Special thanks to Zhiyun for sending us the Crane 2S for this content and for all the upcoming content that’s about to happen here at The Adventures of Vesper. Cheerio!