The next chapter for the Destiny universe has finally been released with the launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion by Bungie which reaffirms Bungie’s intent to develop content for the game, with two more expansions to be released down the line. Guardians will also be able to join the Season of the Hunt for new hunt events and battle a new boss.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Eramis, the Fallen Kell of Darkness, is hellbent on gaining control of the new Stasis power for her various nefarious intent sees Guardians. The new expansion will see guardians battle Eramis while exploring the mysteries of Europa in their battle for humanity’s survival. The new Season of the Hunt will allow Guardians to engage in Wrathborn Hunt events while pursuing the Hive God of War, Xivu Arath. The Cosmodome has been reimagined to better introduce new players to the Destiny 2 universe.

With the Beyond Light expansion also comes a new raid event which requires six Guardians cooperate an epic raid set to be held on the icy frontier of Europa. The Deep Stone Crypt raid will also be a global competition for the Guardians looking to be the first fireteam that power their way through the event to be crowned the “World First” team with glory, title belts and history records awaiting the champions.

Next Generation Gaming

It is never a wrong time to pick-up Destiny whether as a new player or a returning Guardian, with the game confirmed to be launch and supported on the next generation of gaming consoles for both the PlayStation and Xbox series. Purchases of Destiny 2 and its expansions will automatically be carried forward into the next generation of consoles at no extra costs. Gaming on the new consoles will be largely familiar with exception to the new stunning 4K visuals running at 60 fps and faster loading times, to name a few benefits.

Pricing & Availability

The Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion can be purchased right now for Xbox, PlayStation, Steam and Stadia, and buyers will be gain access to a special Exotic Rimed Ghost Shell, Legendary emblem and bonus items, while Digital Deluxe Edition owners will also get a new Exotic Freeze Tag emote. The Season of the Hunt will kickstart a new season of content when it debuts on the 18th of November 2020, while the Deep Stone Crypt Raid will be released to all Beyond Light owners on the 22nd of November 2020.

New players can now picked-up the Destiny 2 Beyond Light Digital Deluxe Edition which comes with the expansion, Full Year Seasonal Content (for 4 seasons in total), the Exotic Rimed Ghost Shell, Legendary Emblem, Freeze Tag Exotic Emote, No Time to Explain Pulse Rifle with Exotic Catalyst and Ornament, as well as the Any Other Sky Exotic Sparrow.