Its no surprise that the application we use on our smartphone that caters various use case scenarios offer those notification on top which can be relevant but for the most part, very irrelevant. Plus, the messages we get which can be an absolute miss that does not seem to fit our taste or interests us. Infobip is one of the largest cloud communication platforms and in order to make it a lot more personal and give the brands to understand the users better, they have unveiled Infobip Moment.

InfoBip Moments

With the whole pandemic which took a huge strike on pretty much all of us and big companies, businesses in general had no idea on how to reach the consumers and create better customer engagement. Generally, this engagement is done to create better experience, serve needs and wants and the list just goes on. For Infobip, the key is to offer great engagement moments, therefore leading to great customer experience.

Moments which is Infobip’s new service which still has the same Customer Engagement idea in mind but goes an extra mile to make it personal for every userbase out there catering their needs and what would they like. Or to put it in InfoBip’s own words:

“The Omnichannel Customer Engagement Hub”.

Now the whole idea for them is to create a broadcast and have a logical flow rather than create unwanted messages and notification that would drive the customers away. So, Moments can work as a Push Notification via apps, SMS, Messaging service notification (WhatsApp, Viber, Line and the list goes on) or emails and so on.


Since it’s a feature mostly made for clienteles to take advantage of, Infobip offers various features on the platter to go with InfoBip Moments such as: Automated Notification and Reminders with reduced failed delivery rates and helpful reminders, reducing strain on customer service with a better proactive messaging, celebrating special occasions by sending those time-sensitive offers which can be triggered based on the dates and it can be even simple as payment remainders for banking apps to notify any incoming payment obligations.

This is what InfoBip Moments wants to establish: To have a much more personal connection from the end user and to have a good experience overall. You can check out InfoBip Moments by clicking here.