• Good Value for money (Especially 1TB)
  • PCIe NVMe Based M.2 SSD
  • Uses 3D NAND TLC Structure


  • The speeds are a little here and there

In the current market of Storage Solutions, it is no surprise that PCIe NVMe based SSDs are taking quite the attention with their fast read and write speeds. Since they are compact, laptops are getting more than one slot to populate with more storage with ease and its quite the delight to use because the experience is totally worth it. But the word “affordable” is not something you can associate with such kinds. But it seems Kingston just might have made one for the mass where a 1TB M.2 SSD just cost as low as RM500 – making it the most affordable PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD – but the real question is: does it live up to a good experience? That is why this review exist.

Make and Specification

Recently, I was getting tired of the 256GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD which came pre-installed with my laptop and wanted to go for something big but within a tight budget – so, after looking out, we landed on the Kingston A2000 and made the purchase. (and yes, we bought this SSD for personal use case and to review at the same time). So, the A2000 is indeed their affordable option to NVMe PCIe SSD and it is targeted more toward laptop and small PC users. The selection of capacity is decent with 250GB all the way upto 1TB being their highest.


The flash memory Kingston opted in for the A2000 is a 3D NAND flash storage structure and comes with some extra features such as XTS-AES 256-bit Encryption for security purposes and the speeds of the 1TB variant we have here claims to do a sequential read/write speeds of 2,200/2000MB/s respectively. Another good thing about Kingston storages is that – they come bundled with Acronis True Image software for users to clone their existing storage and be able to hot swap it at ease.


In order to test the performance, we used two tools specifically to check the sequential read and write speeds – CrystalDiskMark and ATTO DiskBench. In the CrystalDiskMark test, you can see that the SSD attains a Read Speed of 1330MB/s and a write speed of 2042MB/s, respectively. This is an eye opener as the write speeds on the A2000 is accurate, if not slightly better than they claimed whereas the read speed is on the lower side. ATTO DiskBench results were in the same range as what CrystalDiskMark was – with a Sequential Read Speed of 1230MB/s and Write at 1910MB/s. To do a real-world Test, we moved a roughly 3GB file from and to the SSD and it was just alright with a duration of 20 seconds to move back and forth and at a constant write speeds of 138-150MB/s.

ATTO BenchMark
ATTO BenchMark

Looking at this performance does give you an idea that it is not the cream of the crop of the M.3 NVMe SSDs you can find in the market. But that’s okay, because if you do want to add affordability to an SSD, there will be compromises to deal with and in this case, it’s the speeds of the SSD that may make it seem like it doesn’t live up to the PCIe Gen 3X4 of sorts. But looking from a different perspective, where now you can get an affordable M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD with 1TB without breaking the bank and forking out a close RM1000 is a relief and that is the specialty of the Kingston A2000. There is another SSD from them which claims to offer top tier speeds – the KC series which we were supposed to review a while back but due to the whole COVID situation and logistic issues, we weren’t able to.

But nonetheless, when we do get the review sample for it – we will review and share our opinion on it. But now, let us head to the conclusion for the Kingston A2000.


The Kingston A2000 carries the word “Affordable” in the letter A that it represents and in a market where user base are now opting in more NVMe drives, knowing that they cost a hefty penny, the A2000 offers the same type of drive at an affordable price tag where anyone could purchase without breaking the back or worrying about the capacity too much – the speeds aren’t the fastest in the market, but its most definitely the slowest and the more-than-1000MB/s is still better than any slower speeds.

We give the Kingston A2000 a Silver Award for being a value for money M.2 SSD you can find in the market.

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