Lenovo Malaysia hopes to accelerate the transformation of schools in Malaysia into the digital era with collaboration from Microsoft by equipping schools and students with the right resources and tools. With the introduction of the Lenovo EdVision program, Lenovo hopes to provide the latest in educational technologies to help individuals and schools through the digital transformation of education.

Lenovo EdVision

Lenovo partners up with Microsoft to provide schools with access to online resources and prioritised access to technology in education. School committee teams can expect workshops that provide tech consultations to the teaching staff from participating primary and secondary schools. Lenovo also seeks to introduce solutions to higher education centres in coming months to further elevate the classroom experience.

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A recent report by the World Economic Forum stated that an approximated 54% of employees worldwide will need a significant improvement and enhancement of their skills to ensure their workplace performance are optimal. As such, Lenovo believes that technology education is a vital step in ensuring the future careers for current students as well as the future economy of Malaysia, as a change in the fundamentals of the education system is inevitable with the careers of the future demanding so.

Recently launched in the Philippines and Indonesia, Lenovo launches EdVision in Malaysia to assist the schools get past the hurdles in transforming education as well as implementing new methods of learning and collaboration. School that participates in the EdVision program will be able to preview the future of education with personalised learning through technology powered by Windows 10 devices.


Institutions that are interested in participating in Lenovo’s EdVision program of transformed education through technology are welcome to read up more about it on the EdVision website or inquire the team behind it via e-mail.