• Robust Build and Solid Feel Overall
  • Setting up and using it is simple, easy and anyone can do it
  • Added accessories giving versatility to cleaning other areas
  • Battery Powered and Lasts long enough to clean 3-4 rooms
  • Impressive dust filteration system with HEPA Filter and Airtight Lock Container
  • Competitively priced


  • Attaching the dock to the wall is a risk especially if it's a rented property
  • Dyson V8 Slim Fluffy+ offers better experience for an extra 100 Ringgit

Cordless Vacuum has seen an increase in demand for being very portable and the lack of cord makes up for it to reach places it can’t. We have the industry leading brands like Dyson pioneering in those with their proprietary technology and Samsung having a strong suit in Home Appliances made them venture and unveil their array of cordless vacuum for the masses. Samsung graced us with the Jet 70 Easy, considered to be the entry level Cordless Vacuum in the lineup. After using it for a fair share of time, here’s what we have to say.

Simple, Elegant and Portable


One thing about Cordless Vacuum is how portable and convenient they can be and the Jet 70 Easy is definitely one of them. It does feel like some sort of gun that you’d assemble – say like a Sniper. Once that’s done, it looks genuinely nice and carries a minimalism to it with the all-white, grey, and silver colorway all over. The machine has the cannister attached and the filter along with it – the filter on top takes care of the particle filtration and the container collects all the dust into it. It isn’t a big container per se, but for what it’s worth, it sure does collect fine particles and dust.

On the side, you will see on how to remove and clean the container which we will talk more in the aftermath.

Offers Quite the Versatility


If you are wondering about the versatility, worry not because it comes with two extra accessories to make it even easier to use at harder to reach places. Like the mini stick and the brush extension which you can use to clean the edges of the wall and so on. That said, you can adjust, attach whichever way you want to suit your needs. The main accessory with the Jet 70 Easy is the Soft action brush, that picks up fine dust on hard floors and crevices with the help of the anti-static silver threads.

Power Through

The Vacuum has three different modes to go from – Wet, Min, Med, Max. Its an easy to control panel on the top where the handle is located, and you can press the + or the – and toggle the vacuum power to clean the dust and so on. Now the whole cleaning mechanism depends on the 150W Motor baked right into it. The Jet Cyclones which creates 9 cyclones in 27 air inlets to reduce the drag and increase suction power to clean fine dust and there are filters that captures the 0.3-10-micron particles in the air.

When we did the whole cleaning, my room personally has nooks and crannies and since its super portable, I was able to use the attachments to make it work the way I wanted it to. I have a pet in my room, so sometimes I have to clean the hair which gets stuck to the mat and so on. But it’s a little weird that the suction motor sound is loud, but the vacuum sometime refuses to suck the particle off the ground properly. Kind of a weird disappointment but as for the rest – like cleaning the walls for cobwebs were okay, thanks to the attachment.


Once that’s done, you can connect the Jet 70 Easy to the dock to chard the 21.4V battery pack. On every full charge, it lasts about 30 minutes on maximum speed and cleaning the room. Honestly, that’s quite alright. What I am not a fan of, is the dock that’s used to charge because it requires you to drill a hole on the wall and attach it which creates unnecessary issues especially if you are on a rented property with restrictions. During our testing we used cable ties on our window grill to treat it as a dock.

The Aftermath of Cleaning

For a Portable Cordless Vacuum and since the container that collects the dust is small, it goes to prove that the vacuum has issues collecting larger dust. One of the parts you will most definitely clean is the extension tube that brings the dust from the ground to the container. The tube tends to lodge a lot of the dust particles and the fact that you do come in contact with the fine particle dust – might trigger your sinuses – which isn’t a good sign. So, take note to only use the Jet 70 Easy to clean small particles and dusts. That’s basically it.



Now, we talk about cleaning the container – the Jet 70 Easy has a super nice container that collects dust and the best part about it is that everything is washable (Except for the HEPA Filter). So, you don’t have to worry about using it in a long term and worry if it isn’t clean. It comes in these three parts – which does feel like putting up some Lego of sorts but for adults. Once you do that, you can just attach back to the head and continue cleaning. During the cleaning, remember that once you open the container – you will be exposed to fine particles and other materials it has collected, so its entirely in your hands to dispose it smart.


But Samsung knew that this would be a problem somehow and they made a cleaner for the vacuum cleaner. It’s called the Clean Station. This is a totally separate accessory that’s sold separately. It comes with a huge tower and a different container which lets to attach on top of the port once you open the lid. Then pressing the start button, will enable the suction mode and suck all the materials into the bag inside. Samsung claims that you can dispose this bag once every three months but your milage will vary especially if you have pets. But knowing that consumers affording the Jet 70 Easy is going for it’s budget friendly price tag, its hard to convince to splurge another RM 700 to get it but for what its worth, at least it isn’t in the over-a-grand-mark.

Now that this is all over, we will address the important question in your head: How does it compare with Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. Take note that Dyson has plethora of options as well and their entry level model comes at a 100 ringgit more than the Jet 70 Easy – which is the Dyson V8 Slim Fluffy+.

Samsung Jet 70 Easy vs Dyson V8 Slim Fluffy+

Dyson has been in the game for long and they have an upper hand in making impressive cordless vacuum cleaners. The Dyson V8 Slim has 5 different attachments (vs 3 attachment) and also comes with a docking station which you will have to attach to the wall (pretty much the same as Samsung’s). One of the attachments that just makes sense is the light pipe to reach harder to reach spots and see and clean.

The container on the Dyson V8 Slim is smaller and the time you can use to clean with a full charge is about 40 minutes but the best part about the V8 Slim Fluffy+ is that, the motor that it uses to clean and the suction power is far more impressive and effective than Samsung’s counterpart – creates 15 cyclones (vs 9) and generates only about 115V.


There are some interesting advantage to Samsung Jet 70 Easy – its built a lot more robust and the vacuum is capable of capturing and collecting particles. Especially my favorite being the washable containers which is a huge deal breaker. Coming in at RM1699, personally – the Samsung Jet 70 Easy could do a little better given that it is still a steep price but convincing users to spend an extra hundred and go for the contender seems very convincing.

All we can say is this – if you want to spend on a new Cordless Vacuum Cleaner in the market that doesn’t break the bank and just want the core essentials to be covered then going for the Samsung Jet 70 Easy is a good option. Maybe wait for the 12.12 to kick in, perhaps Samsung may have some interesting offer for you to choose from.