Visa Malaysia have announced a web-based minigame called the Mind Your Ringgit, much to the surprise of many, as an interactive and educative entertainment for the young. The financial literacy themed game hopes to educate the younger generation on the methods to making an informed financial decision so that they spend smart instead of being too thrifty or extravagant.

Visa Mind Your Ringgit

Visa commissioned for the development of the minigame closely following the strategic priorities under the National Strategy for Financial Literacy 2019 – 2023. The game is essentially a simulation that depicts real-life events for one full year, allowing players to make monthly financial decisions, all the while challenging the young to weigh options, understand and apply financial concepts as well as accepting the consequences of their decisions.


Derived from the international code for the Malaysian Ringgit, the acronym MYR, the game places emphasis on the management of funds and expenditure, covering multiple aspects of financial management from digital payments, financial scams, insurance, investments, loans to savings. Visa persists in their commitment to innovate relevant financial education programs to help Malaysians make the right financial decisions, and this new minigame is the company’s attempt at digitalizing their educative effort at enhancing financial literacy among the youth.

Release Information

Visa’s Mind Your Ringgit web-based minigame has been launched to a selected few for a closed beta testing so the company can collect valuable feedback for improvements and optimizations. Visa looks to release the financial literacy web game to the public early 2021 after the bugs are ironed out, fully optimized and the game becomes perfectly balanced. (hopefully the game launches without delays like CD Projekt Red with their Cyberpunk 2077, really cannot wait for Keanu Reeves!!!!!)