Vivo Malaysia announced their new line of smartphones for the mid-tier segment and it’s the V20 Series that comes in two different variant – one with the Pro moniker to it and one without it. That said, we decided to take a different approach with these two smartphones – that is to get which Vivo V20 that offers better value for money and what are the key difference that makes it stand apart from each other.

Vivo V20 and V20 Pro

One Gorgeous Phone

Ever since we played with the Vivo X50, we noticed the new kind of look Vivo is going for with their smartphones – the soft touch matte dreamy look to it and it seems like all the phones are getting the same treatment as the V20 series have the same dreamy look to it. The V20 Pro we have comes in this greyish tone similar to the X50 and the V20 comes in this rainbow-like poppy looking color. In terms of formfactor, both the phones are slim, sleek, and extremely nice to hold in hands – coming in the 7.30mm thinness and despite all that design language, they have managed to keep some good specification under the hood for end-user’s better experience.

The Specs Difference: Processor

Under the hood, the main difference between both these phones are the Processors. It’s nice to see that Vivo opted in for Qualcomm based processors and the V20 rocks a Snapdragon 720G Processor whereas the Pro variant rocks a 765G Processor with support for 5G. That said, the rest of the phone remains the same – with 8GB RAM and 128GB Internal Storage that can be expanded with the help of a MicroSD Card.

The Similarities

Now as much as the design looks similar, the rest of the phone is the same too. Both the phones feature 44MP Eye AF Cameras on the front for majestic selfie capabilities with the Pro having another extra 8MP sensor for added depth. On the back, you will notice that the phone gets a triple camera setup with 64MP Night Camera followed by two sensors which we still think is a little pointless to have – the Macro and Bokeh sensor. But even with that factored out, the 64MP camera does take good pictures and the 44MP Selfie shooter does take good and well exposed selfies. If you are into the whole beautify mode, then the camera can capture with the smooth skin effect too – we aren’t fans of that but hey it works.

The Front 6.44” inch Display is gorgeous and nice to look at – all thanks to an FHD+ AMOLED Panel that produces pleasing-to-the-eye colors for you to view and use. Consuming it for shows and movies makes it a lot more fun as it is poppy and vibrant indeed. To go along with the specs above, we find a 4000mAh battery that can do 33W Charging, with the included adapter to take it up a notch. So, which means you will be spending more time using the phone rather than letting the phone connected to a power outlet.

Then we have the usual stuff – 2 Nano SIM, support for Bluetooth 5.1 and it has a USB-C Ports – all that stuff to make it look good to consumer’s eye.

Which one to go for?

Now the Vivo V20 and V20 Pro shares almost the same thing through and through which is why it is kind of a hard thing to choose. Now do remember that the only difference is the Processor and maybe the extra 8MP sensor on the Pro which is alright, but I wouldn’t say it’s a dealbreaker and you are missing much. Personally, we’d go for the V20 over the Pro as it still offers a good 720G Processor from Qualcomm with some powerful capabilities followed by all the goodness such as the camera, battery life and charging capabilities for much good price at just RM 1499.

The V20 Pro is priced at RM 1899 which is steep when the V20 offers all of that anyway, but if the much powerful processor is something you need then go for it. But getting the Pro just because it has 5G doesn’t seem like a good idea as you might want to wait till 5G is made available in Malaysia.

Some of you might wonder that for the specs, it does seem a little steep compared to certain select that offers at a much affordable price – in all honestly, Vivo has better camera performance and take way better pictures and the premium quality is what you get as compared to the contenders in the market. So, if you want to get the Vivo V20 – we give you the Green light to purchase it.