If at all, the one ASUS ROG laptop that we love here and pretty much is loved by everyone in this entire world is the ROG STRIX SCAR and just like always it got a new refreshing look to go with the edginess of the Cyberpunk theme. (At least this laptop doesn’t glitch and you won’t have to refund. Too soon?)


Right away the form factors of both the 15” and the 17” has gotten compact by 7% and 5.7% respectively. But the core design language remains the same. Some how ASUS managed to shave off the form factor and still include a bigger display with better screen-to-body ratio – which is up to 85% and that’s crazy good as compared to the already crazy good 80% we witnessed last year. Oh, don’t forget, the laptop still has no webcam (or no intention in bringing back because according to them consumers end up opting in for better ones) and its just has to be the worst thing to say after what we went through in 2020.

The design on the laptop has some easter eggs hidden in the grills and I’ll say that it’s quite the treat to the eye. But the eye-catching design of them all is the lid where the slash design with the rather blank finish is replaced with this laser etched panel with the wording and elements of the ROG pattern. On the bottom, you will notice that the hinge comes with the Customizable Armor Caps to make it look according to your taste – and even if you choose to 3D Print it, it should work simply fine.

When you open the laptop, the design on the keyboard area is replaced with a Translucent Keyboard Deck with Soft Touch IMR Film to show the internals – well, almost. Good thing is that they still use the solid hinge we saw years back.

The experience with the keyboard and the trackpad is elevated a step higher. Starting with the keyboard, which now comes with an Optical Mechanical Keyboard developed for ASUS with their vendor for better typing and gaming experience – it has a key travel of 1.9mm respectively. The surface area of the touch pad is now wider and covered in glass. For you RGB fans, out there – yes, the keyboard has that per-key RGB you love. Oh – the new STRIX SCAR welcomes USB-C Charging and a 90Wh Battery under the hood.


Essentially what the G series depict is that it’s the more of an entry laptop to the ROG lineup and it also gets a new refresh for 2021 – with new specification under the hood, followed by the similar visual design change as the Scar but the Strix G is slimmer. Remember the Electro Punk we saw last year, well – this year the color is a lot more apparent on the Strix G and alongside with that we get two other colors: Original Black and Eclipse Gray. The Electro Punk will extend just like how last year’s model did with its own slew of accessories that will be either bundled or not bundled with the laptop.