Last year, we saw the Galaxy Buds Live from Samsung and we said that it was a hit and miss – you can read more about it here. But the Korean Giants took a page out of the Buds Live and made the experience better with a new product – Meet the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro – a similar concept but does a better job in executing things than its predecessor – at least for now on the paper.

Galaxy Buds Pro

The Galaxy Buds Pro takes a page from the design aspect of the Buds Live and while it may not look the same, the shiny finish that makes it look distinctively separate from other True Wireless Earbuds and it’s from the Korean Giant, it’s there – it does look like a pebble of sorts if you ask me. It uses the classic traditional type earbud that is the canal type which means it’s going to sit in-ear giving a better seal rather than sit over ear. Unlike the Galaxy Buds before, the Buds Pro gets an IPX7 certification – that means, much better water resistance.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Specs

What really matters the most is the inside of the Buds Pro and for that: they packed these true wireless earbuds with a 6.5mm Tweeter for higher notes and a 11mm woofer for low frequency, respectively. Samsung claims that it offers the best experience of both worlds – be it listening to classical or even bass thumping music, it will cater well to users. Like in the previous Buds we have seen, the microphone is kind-of inferior and does a poor job in performance. But this time, they have resorted to a 3-mic system including a high SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) Mic allowing voices to be heard clearer and noises to be minimized and has an accelerometer, which they call it the Voice Pickup Unit. Say if you are stuck in a windy situation, fret not as the Buds Pro is capable of negating that with the Wind Shield Sound Technology.

You know what makes a return to the Buds Pro? The ANC. Yep. If you read or watched our review on the Galaxy Buds Live (which you should), we were disappointed. But since the Buds Pro uses a much more traditional seal and sits right inside the canal, it will be – theoretically – be better. That said, it is said to block up to 99% of the outside noise, you can take control of the adjustable ANC and four levels of Ambient Sound via the App and finally, a feature so underrated – turning off when you speak, which is new.

Other than the feature we mentioned above, the Buds Pro does take advantage of the Galaxy Ecosystem, offering the best continuity experience you could ask for. Just like last year’s Buds Live, these pair super easy too. It also offers a virtual 360 audio experience when watching your favorite movies. The Buds Live is said to last for up to 18 hours and you can get about an hour of listening with just a five-minute charging.

That said, alongside with the Buds Pro, Samsung announced the new Galaxy S21 Series – which you can click here to read.