Last year, Kingston, the company that we know for their popular peripherals and memory solutions collaborated with ESD, a company that makes medical supplies for the masses and had – a cool competition in the Asia Pacific Region – a Mask Design Competition. For the whole of 2020, 3-ply masks have been our best friend because of the whole of pandemic which definitely took a serious hit in health all over the world and countries going into lockdown. These two brands joined forces together to bring hope and organized the Kingson X ESD Mask Design Competition with the theme “There’s strength in Memory”. After all the voting and so on, they have finally announced the winners.

Kingston X ESD Winners

Now there were two categories – the 3-colors group and Unlimited Colors which participants took part in. There were various awards given but starting off with the Best of the Best Award: Nguyen Dang Binh from Vietnam took the price for the 3-Colors group and Yman. S from Malaysia for the Unlimited colors. That’s not it. Kingston extended the contests with a Special Award which was won by 3 winners – Aljohn M. Matias, Teo Sze Ting and Lilo Jong walking away as the winners in those categories.

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There was a voting phase, and which is how these winners were selected. But before that happened, there were 10 finalists which includes the 5 winners in the list running to be the winner. You can check out their designs below and in fact, you can watch our video to see who 10 finalists are and stand a chance to win the Memory Box which has all the ten finalists mask, and we have one to giveaway. 😊

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Top 10 Finalists

Perfect Imperfections, Aljohn M. Matias (Philippines)

Aljohn M. Matias depicts his collective experiences of meeting diverse groups of people over the years using a minimalistic approach. He believes that our imperfections create powerful and meaningful art which knows no boundaries.

Siamese Fighting Fish, Waraporn Mamee (Thailand)

‘Each memory and experience become the foundation for Waraporn Mamee’s next quest, enabling her to grow as an artist; the Siamese fighting fish signifies her ambition and persistence on this journey.”

Lips & Water Chestnut, Wu Bo Yi (Taiwan)

“Inspired by the contrast of familiar-ness and childhood memories, Wu Bo Yi plays with the positive and negative spaces, and creates a harmonious print of the water chestnut and lips.”

Doodling Paper, Nguyen Dang Binh (Vietnam)

“Nguyen Dang Binh depicted all the happy times of his college days, when his spirit was untamable, in his artwork filled with funny faces; he hopes to unite art lovers and encourage them to follow their passion and become a harbinger of hope for everyone else.”

Sparkling Lenses, Rishabh Raj (India)

“Celebration of life and festivals to the fullest, is the magic which Rishabh has recreated by using celebration camera shutter with sparklings; he yearns to seize these memories of the present and cherish them forever in the future. ”

Love Memories Forever, Lilo Jong (Malaysia)

The deep-rooted emotion of missing her family is evident in Jong’s artwork, while each storage device from different time periods are used to represent her family members, Jong Pei Yen looks forward to being reunited with her beloved family members, together, just like in her artwork.

Construct X Deconstruction, Brenca Sun (Taiwan)

“In Construct X Deconstruction, Brenca Sun visualizes the concept of memory into a form of space and presents a magical paradise that stores the happy memories in her mind.”

Summer memories in the wonder garden, Hsu, Hsing-Chen (Taiwan)

“Highlighting her joyful memories of summer with midsummer flowers blooming in the garden, and lemon tree bearing fruit. Hsu, Hsing-Chen hopes that her vision of summer leaves an indelible imprint in the memories of everyone who sees it.”

Breath of Energy, Tsuyoshi Artman (Japan)

“Imagination deriving from memory and nature, Tsuyoshi Artman emphasizes the importance of “breathing” with pop art-styled illustrations of plants and greenery, aiming to make people stronger mentally.”

Monster Nation, Yman.S (Malaysia)

“Yman.S pays homage through his artwork to the fighting spirit of the people, he turns the scary monsters we all dread in our childhood memories, which now also represent the day to day hardships we face, into cute little monsters.”