Benchmarks are essential to determine or give an idea on how capable the said device is and to set a standard for it, but if you cheat, what’s the whole point? Sure enough, Antutu, the widely popular benchmark application agrees with that and called out Realme for allegedly cheating in its benchmark scores. Call it unlucky if you want but this isn’t entirely Realme’s first rodeo being in such situation because last year they went through another one where UL Benchmark delisted phones running MediaTek processors, that included one of Realme’s smartphone.

Realme GT Cheats

Antutu, said that the Realme GT has been cheating its benchmark and it removed the phone from the list and it seems that it scored about 750,000 points which is much higher than Xiaomi Mi 11’S score, based on Antutu’s testing. The story only gets saucier because how could one cheat benchmark right? Well, they cited that Realme GT cheats in the multithreaded workload and JPG decoding portions of the benchmark. The phone uses a thread delay tactic to run multithreaded test on the fastest cores in the CPU, which landed on a higher score. They even went as far as modifying the reference JPG image, replacing the image verbatim for a used mosaic color block to reduce the image quality, therefore lowering the processing time.


Being the leaders in benchmarking tool, Antutu, said that they will be removing the score for three months and even issued an ultimatum – “If Realme doesn’t modify the way it completes the benchmark, the phone will be banned from the tool.” The situation got interesting because…

Realme CMO Xu Qi says…

Xu Qi, the CMO of Realme issued a statement on Weibo and said, “All the subsequent models of realme in the Chinese market will no longer officially announce running scores of XXX, and let the product speak for themselves.”

That still doesn’t give the answer if they cheated or not as it’s a vague statement overall. But for all we know, this definitely doesn’t look good on Realme given their hardcore push through every market.  As much as we no longer take benchmark scores seriously, this still doesn’t negate the fact that the brand cheated and it’s here to stay.

Source: Android Authority