• An ROG lineup with AMD and NVIDIA is a good sight for the eyes
  • Impressive performance and keeps things breezy
  • Brings the last generation Strix Scar design and everything to the G
  • Good display and overalls
  • Good specification and no crippled GPU variant


  • Might be pricey for some
  • Doesn't come with customizable capability as the Scar

When ASUS made the ROG Strix G Series, it was meant to be the entry level device into the ROG realm – a laptop users could start with from the ROG lineup with users with limited budget to work around. But that vision has faded off given how the laptop looks and feel right now. The new ASUS ROG STRIX G17 G713QR retains a lot of its predecessors concept but refines a lot of things to make it a much more polished laptop and that combined with the specification, this G17 is definitely going hit the G Spot – and we meant the Gaming Spot.

Quick Look and Feel


The Strix G’s conceptual design or principle is still present in the new variant for 2021, just that there are certain changes that made us realize, its technically the previous generation Strix Scar body with some design cues suited for the G series instead. I say this in a good way because the Strix Scar had a robust body and build, the Strix G is no exception and I like it. The tagline design is gone for a much more understated rog crossword puzzle like pattern on the body and on the shell of the display. As for the rest, you get this soft touch finish that’s nice to touch and feel. Worry not, this laptop gets the same RGB treatment pretty much on the keyboard and the body of the laptop where its equipped with a 180 degree surround RGB.

The looks and feel of this laptop aside, the keyboard and the trackpad are all the same as its predecessor – so we are going to jump into the performance right away.


Unlike the predecessor, the new Strix G is no means inferior as the specification screams powerful through and through. Our variant is equipped with the AMD Ryzen Processor and NVIDIA GeForce GPU under the hood. As I mentioned in my ROG Strix Scar review, this is the first time a Strix lineup to get the AMD Ryzen treatment and its totally worth it.

The Strix G17 we received from ROG Malaysia is equipped with the following:

  • AMD Ryzen 9 9500HX Processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6
  • 16GB RAM | 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD

This specification should last you pretty long because of the RTX 30 Series GPU and a much powerful processor in such a laptop.

Okay that specification above, shows this laptop’s performance will most definitely be no small feats. In fact, when ASUS passed us the laptop – the Strix G is the laptop we spent most time because this might be and will be the laptop most consumers would want to get due to the price to performance value and not to forget, it doesn’t feature a crippled down RTX 3070. Performance-wise, this laptop is no slouch as the new RTX 3070 puts up a good show in many modern titles as you can see in our screen shot below. If you do plan to push this laptop at its maximum Ultra or in games like Doom Eternal (Ultra Nightmare), the Strix G pushes its limit like it’s a piece of cake. But of course, that high performance comes with hot thermals but the AAS system kicks in and the loud fans keeps the system acceptably cooler.

One thing I can’t seem to understand is the logic behind pairing the Ryzen 9 with the Strix G, given that users opting in for this laptop wouldn’t really need one but I guess having the options open is good after all, but we know for a fact that the processor can push ahead. ASUS bringing the RTX and AMD together with their ROG lineup is the best thing to ever happen.


The thing about the new ROG Strix G17 is that, given the current situation, it’s the only RTX machine you can ever own with unnecessary markups or be in a situation where you are unable to secure a GPU at all. For what its worth, the specs you see above deserves the price tag, and it’s a relief that it is one decked out machine that’s going to blow everything else out of the water. Don’t forget that the three-snake headed gaming brand sells the Iris laptop of theirs for RM7000, so technically, you are getting a much better build, value, performance and everything with the Strix G17.