Epson announced their new mini projector dubbed the Epson’s EpiqVision Mini EF-12 laser projection TV. Compact and lightweight, this easy-to-use laser projector allows users to enjoy cinema experience at home at an affordable price without sacrificing image and sound quality.

Epson’s EpiqVision Mini EF-12 gives you cinema-like projection at home

Epson EpiqVision Mini EF-12 01

The EpiqVision Mini EF-12 is powered by Epson’s advanced 3LCD Technology, the 1000-lumen laser projection TV offers Full HD resolution. This ensures that the projected images are clear and sharp in any environment, even in controlled lighting environments.

Because Epson’s new laser projection TV uses lasers as the light source, has a longer life cycle of up to 20,000 maintenance-free hours, contributing to greater cost savings and making owning one more economical and reasonable in the long run compared to lamp projectors.

The EpiqVision Mini EF-12 laser projection TV is built to support 4k signal inputs as well as allowing users to experience sound by YAMAHA, with the ability to operate as a stand-alone smart speaker. Furthermore, with Android TV, the projector offers thousands of movies, shows and games on Google Play, YouTube and many other popular apps.

Epson EpiqVision Mini EF-12 02

The EpiqVision Mini EF-12 also comes with Chromecast built in. This will allow users to cast their favourite entertainment applications directly to the big screen from an Android or iOS device, Mac or Windows computer, or Chromebook.

Additionally, Epson’s new laser projection TV has fuss-free installation as it comes with an auto-installation feature to adjust the focus and vertical and horizontal keystones automatically. Another interesting feature is that the EpiqVision Mini EF-12 laser projection TV is the Epson Online Meetings feature powered by Zoom for easy Zoom meetings.

The Epson EpiqVision Mini EF-12 laser projection TV comes with 1080p resolution and 1000lm colour/white brightness. It will be available in mid-April at a retail price of RM5,000.

You can head down to the official website here for more information.