If you love K-Pop and its peppy, trendy music that fuels you every day, well, unlucky for us, a lot of songs has gotten removed and it’s no longer available on Spotify. What went wrong?

According to the tweet made by K-pop Charts, it seems like all the songs distributed under Kakao M has been removed from Spotify. Last year in February, Spotify made their debut in the South Korean market as a way to bring more options for the Koreans and going head on with the local streaming platforms like Melon, Genie and so on. As of right now, Melon is the Korean’s go-to choice for their music and consists of a wider catalog of songs that was made in Korea – which by the way is owned by Kakao M’s parent company.

In the statement given to NME, the Spotify spokesperson confirmed that Kakao M’s catalogue will not be available to users all over the world starting 1st March 2021 due to the expiration of the license between both parties. If you are wondering how, it affects what you listen to, Kakao M distributes major popular artists songs like Mamamoo, IU, CL, BIBI, Hyolyn, Code Kunst and the list goes on.

In fact, a twitter user made a thread on which artists music are gone from Spotify:

This takes a huge hit through and through given that back in 2020’s Spotify Unwrapped, there was a surge in K-POP and some of the artists like BTS, BlackPink, Twice and more made it on to the top of the list. Artists signed to SM, YG and JYP seems to be unaffected. If you want to find out which songs has been removed, you can check out your Spotify Playlist via the Desktop client and see the names that has been grayed out means that the songs have been removed – like here with our playlist where some songs have been grayed out.

We have no updates or news if they would renew their contract. For now, we have no choice but to wait. But this leaves a bitter taste.

Source: NME | BandWagon Asia

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