OPPO has just released its new flagship true wireless earphones called the OPPO Enco X. The Enco X is the first product made in collaboration with Danish company Dynaudio, which is known for producing high quality, premium speakers. The OPPO Enco X earphones are supported by the self-innovated DBEE 3.0 Sound System and LHDC wireless transmission, bringing you the bliss of hi-fi.

OPPO Enco X is the new flagship TWS earphones from OPPO

The OPPO Enco X has been tested and tuned by Dynaudio’s chief acoustic experts and OPPO’s own in-house acoustics team in Europe’s largest acoustic laboratory. OPPO’s new earphones also feature a coaxial dual-driver design. The front magnetic balanced membrane driver handles high frequencies, and a triple-layered composite dynamic driver in the back controls mid-low frequencies. Paired with parallel dual speakers, and supported by LHDC low-latency wireless transmission.

Furthermore, the Enco X earphones come equipped with a hybrid active noise cancellation which is driven by its use of a dual-core Bluetooth noise reduction chip. The earphones feature a few different sound settings:

  • Max noise cancellation for maximum audio enjoyment during busy transit commutes.
  • Noise cancellation to soften noise in café or office environments.
  • Transparency mode when you want to be aware of your surroundings without taking off your earphones.

OPPO has also incorporated many measures to ensure great call quality with the OPPO Enco X. These measures include a triple-mic noise control algorithm, and the use of built-in microphones in the ear and the deep integration of the dual-mic array outside the ear. Together with a sophisticated adaptive filter and wind noise detection mechanism greatly eliminates external noises for clear call quality.


The Enco X features a battery life of 25 hours of music playback or 15 hours of call time with the charging case. Without the charging case, the earphones can last up to 5 and a half hours of music playback or 3 and a half hours of call time. With noise cancellation activated, the earphones can last for 4 hours without the charging case or 20 hours with the charging case.

The OPPO Enco X earphones are available in two variants; White and Black. Price and availability have not yet been announced but expect a reveal coming pretty soon.