Sonos has been making strides when it comes to building an ecosystem revolving around audio products that they offer and we have seen some of it in the past like the Beam and One – this time they are bringing another speaker, not just to your table but into your backpack wherever you go – it’s the new Sonos Roam, which is most definitely going to be giving the contenders a run for their money.

Sonos Roam

Sonos Roam is their all-new Ultraportable Speaker which is a part of the Sonos Ecosystem. When I say that, yes – it doesn’t depart from the existing Sonos Experience which users can get from their existing products, in fact it retains all that goodness in a smaller form factor, making it easier to bring around wherever you go. The Roam features a triangular shape and has a soft profile which is easier to hold and use and bring it wherever you go. The design is still distinctively Sonos, so don’t worry about the speaker sticking like a sore thumb when you place it in your home.

Since it’s a portable speaker, Sonos upped the ante with this speaker by adding dust proof and waterproof rated at IP67 and has silicone caps and proper physical buttons to go along with that certification. It also features a battery that Sonos claims that it will last up to 10 hours of continuous playback and it can be charged via the USB-C port, any Qi Wireless Charger or their custom Magnetic Wireless Charger which is sold separately. The speaker features both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to have a seamless transition from the devices at home to the device in your pocket and vice versa.

On top of that, we see some new features like Sound Swap, where you can switch the music to your nearest Sonos Speaker in the room or wherever it is in your home. It still supports both Google Assistant and Alexa and the plethora of music services, leaving no one behind.

Pricing and Availability

The Sonos Roam come in two different colors: Shadow Black and Lunar White and will be priced at RM 1099 which is the same price as Sonos One in Malaysia. But for what it’s worth, if portability is important to you, then resorting to the Sonos Roam is a clever idea. You must wait though, as its only made available starting this 21st April in Malaysia via TC Acoustic and