Kingston has just announced that it is partnering with NXP Semiconductors on their new i.MX 8M Plus applications processors. Smart device makers requesting NXP’s engineering verification kits featuring the i.MX 8M Plus chipset will see Kingston’s eMMC onboard.

Kingston x NXP Semiconductors

Kingston hopes that, through this partnership, they are able to expand the relationship with NXP and also further showcase Kingston embedded memory solutions to other IoT manufacturers. Kingston’s discrete memory and storage solutions were also embedded on NXP’s previous-generation i.MX 6 and i.MX 7 series processor boards.

In a recent press release, Kingston mentioned that they are honoured to have extended their partnership with NXP on their latest i.MX 8M Plus evaluation kit.

“Kingston products power machines and devices everywhere from data centres to corporate and client PCs, as well as many embedded products. We have been in the memory business for over 33 years and working with NXP is a great way to enhance our embedded solutions business,” said Kingston.

In the same press release, NXP Semiconductors also released a statement on the partnership. “Our latest i.MX 8M Plus processor focuses on machine learning, vision, multimedia as well as industrial IoT devices.”

“As with prior NXP applications processors, it is great to work with Kingston and include their embedded memory solutions with our evaluation kits that are sent to developers and manufacturers. Our relationship runs deep on both engineering and marketing levels,”  said NXP.

To learn more about Kingston’s partnership with NXP Semiconductors, do head over to the official website here.