Kingston Technologies are no strangers to manufacturing storage solutions and so much more, in fact they are the world leaders in what they do. Their Kingston is With You campaign is unlike any other campaign we have seen – quote in their words “to bring the invincible impact of memories in our lives and emphasizes that memories not only exist in the past, but can also be the driving force that motivates one to move forward in life.”

Kingston Is With You

This campaign exist in both online and offline platforms beginning today, where they have shared their mini-film – Memories Empower which you can watch below. They have designed a special 7-days challenge cards, assigning 7 mini tasks to the recipients, to relive their precious moments and stand a chance to win heartwarming gifts. You can learn more about the campaign at Kingston’s Facebook page.

Until the 18th June 2021, customers who plans to purchase any Kingston products in conjunction with the Summer Sale 2021, will receive refillable Sanitizer spray plus Kingston X CSD Facemask with purchase of SSDs capacity of 480GB or more (including the newly announced Kingston NV1 and KC600 mSATA). Any purchase of HyperX DRAM (16GB and above), customers receive a waist pouch and a Mask respectively. The initiative Kingston took in their hands to create such an heartwarming campaign and to relive moments we had, gives this optimism and hope that things will get better.