This pandemic has definitely put a lot of stress and strain over many families, which has led to complicated situations. Despite the struggle, the government makes extra measures to give and bring support to the rakyat, through the form of Prihatin. That said, B40 Family and individuals can enjoy great plans under YES with their YES PRIHATIN plans which comes in two different choices.

YES Prihatin

It does sound too good to be true and truth be told, it is surprisingly good – There are two plans: Yes Prihatin Learn-from-home Family and Learn-from-home Individual. Both the plan comes with Free Smartphone, Free Education Application and a RM50 Shopee Vouchers to help the users buy some essentials. That aside, the Data for Family plan is about 30GB whereas the individual plan comes with 15GB Data, all for free. Both the plans come with a validity period of 12 months – and guess what, there are no deposits, contract or payment needed.

Not to forget, if you are wondering what the Education Application entails: it comes with 1271 lessons across 4 core subjects – Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics and Science – which is all curated as per the national curriculum from Primary 1 all the way to Form 5. Not just that, it also includes more than 13,000 quizzes covering the aforementioned core subjects, respectively.

It is such an amazing way to spread knowledge and connecting the disconnected to the world of internet and be able to learn from home despite the pandemic. You can head over to to get your smartphones upon successful application and don’t worry, the delivery is free too. 😉